Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #15 – Work for Hire

Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast

Nick Marino (that’s me!!) goes solo to disclose the shocking secrets behind the Work for Hire story arc, which concludes today at

Here’s a glimpse at one of my scripts. I don’t even bother to write the character names because I know who’s saying what. Since I letter it myself, I just type out the raw dialogue and that’s it.

Okay, there aren’t actually any shocking secrets in this audio commentary… but there’s tons of behind-the-scenes info about the creation and production of this 20-page tale that introduces Wet Dream and Sister Hoodoo to the Super Haters lore.

After the end theme, I tease what you can expect to see next in Super Haters (hint: NOT Super Haters #400) and I announce a brand new AudioShocker podcast by Shawn Atkins called Gello Shots. Check back for its debut next Thursday, July 5th!

2 Responses to “Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #15 – Work for Hire”

  1. 1 Brian John Mitchell

    Good insight about the hoodoo & voodoo thing (I’d forgotten it). Why would they change him from Brother Voodoo to Doctor Voodoo? Is that some political correctness crap? What’s next, Black Panther is just Panther?

  2. 2 nick marino

    To be honest, I forget why he changed his handle to Doctor Voodoo. But he became Sorcerer Supreme a bit before he died, and his Doctor Voodoo update coincided with his tenure as Sorcerer Supreme which makes sense to me.

    As for Black Panther, did you ever read Roy Thomas’s Avengers run from the 60s/70s? He almost never referred to T’Challa as Black Panther in those stories — pretty much Panther the entire time. I kinda liked it because to me it feels more natural, almost like a nickname… using Nick instead Nicholas, for example.

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