Sequential Underground #45 – After Kickstarter, What’s Next?

Sequential Underground

Brian John Mitchell joins Nick Marino to discuss his successful Kickstarter campaign for the Silber Mini-Comics Collection.

Brian delivers a comprehensive overview of what’ll happen in the aftermath of your funded Kickstarter project. He also drops a ton of tips about how to first get accepted and then how to reach your funding goal.

To thank Brian for giving out all of this awesome advice, you can support (and share!) his two new Kickstarter campaigns — Silber Bottle Comics and Soma Puzzle Boxes.

Also, unrelated to today’s topic but still kickass: Sequential Underground has joined the Comic Related Podcasting Network! We’re psyched to be a part of their fantastic offering of comics podcasts.

3 Responses to “Sequential Underground #45 – After Kickstarter, What’s Next?”

  1. 1 Smars

    what can I say about kickstarter? it’s a gamble. it really is.
    it’s an amplified version of the very mysterious animal that thee comics industry is. it’s wild and unpredictable and leaves you in a state of constant paranoia as to whether or not you’ll be successful at it.
    it’s like sitting in the indy island or artist alley of a con, you may or may not get people to come over to your table and invest time, and money in the thing you have to offer to the world.

    i do honestly think it’s suited better to graphic novels (one off stories) versus long form series with multiple smaller issues. The whole idea of one and done seems much more appealing to people than having to invest a chunk of their lives to something over and over again.
    but still some good advice there.
    i must have spent a year researching the what to do and what not to do for my kickstarter (while trying to get a new bank account open) in the end mine wasn’t successful, but like i said it’s a gamble and next time i could get lucky.

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Smars: I agree that it’s better for graphic novels. I think it works best as a pre-order for printed stuff, and in particular graphic novels.

    There’s a series I loved from a few years ago and they have a Kickstarter going on now. I’m not gonna lie — I’m hesitant to support it because of two reasons: 1. they’re not going to start work the comic until it’s funded, and 2. they’re going to print comics based upon how much they receive, as opposed to presenting a comprehensive and definite plan. I understand why they’re doing that, but it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in me as a financial supporter.

  3. 3 Brian John Mitchell

    @Smars: Sorry to hear your thing was unsuccessful. I think Kickstarter works better for money to fund things that are already semi-established if unheard of & the thing with a finished graphic novel is people can show it as “ready to go.” I think I said in the podcast, but it may have been in another interview, your project goal shouldn’t be greater than the retail price of your best selling object to date if you expect to meet full funding. It’s not reasonable to expect to sell $1000 in stuff when your best seller is only $50, but that’s what some people do.

    @Nick: I am torn on the idea of people saying a project is only going to happen if there’s a Kickstarter demand for it. I mean, I’m thinking about doing it with certain things (like t-shirts say), but I feel like a lot of projects that require a lot of collaboration are so prone to stalling out that asking for money before there’s a certain level of completion is kinda shady….

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