Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #14 – Monstrous

Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast

Virginia Shields joins Nick Marino to discuss their new Super Haters collaboration (read the full story on Facebook)! It’s a 5-page tale that introduces Mr. Nibbles to the Haters lore and contains this classic moment:

But this podcast isn’t exclusively about poop vomit. Oh NO NO NO!!! We also discuss the dead cat that’s currently in Virginia’s back yard… plus, she shares the true story of the time she graced the cover of the New York Times.

Annnnddd make sure that you hit up to check out more of V-dog’s comics and cartoons:

2 Responses to “Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #14 – Monstrous”

  1. 1 NP Norlin aka Panic

    All the collaborations have been great, but this has got to be my favorite so far. I just loved the design for Mr Nibbles. And the poop vomit (obviously).

    And thanks for mentioning my love for riding balls, Nick. Glad to hear you thought I was on top of your ball.

  2. 2 nick marino

    Thx Panic!!! Whenever I think of being on top of balls, I think of you.

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