Sequential Underground #42 – 10 Year Plan

Sequential Underground

Shawn Atkins, Dan Greenwald, and Nick Marino start this week’s podcast by revisiting a topic discussed way back in Sequential Underground #6 — making money from your websites (and, even more importantly, your webcomics!).

The conversation evolves as we discuss commitment to the financial success (or just sustainability!) of our comics and the idea of the 10 year plan. Shoutouts to Action Lab Entertainment and the Tell Me Something I Don’t Know podcast.

4 Responses to “Sequential Underground #42 – 10 Year Plan”

  1. 1 joseph reed

    Yo!..I’m a friend of Shawn’s from back in the day, (highschool), an artist ( musical) and have been a comic book/ graphic novel person for a long time …I truly think that his comic book Explorers of the Unknown has immense potential.. I would probably buy it just to support a friend who is a fellow artist..but i definately know that to get mass reception you have to have a primal archetype laden and incredibly deep storyline to go along with the great drawings/paintings…the premise is there, i know, ..and i honestly havent read too much because its only coming 1 page at a time via facebook..but the full story in bound form is always seeming to be what is going to be the lynchpin in getting money from my pocket to yours..I think that the money will come if you focus on the creative writing element of the books , the character’s and conflicts being inventive and groundbreaking, and yet also catering to satiating people’s hero complex’s , amongst other things..(high tragedy, moral grey area’s, grandeur, ..) …but like i said..getting the whole novels done and then marketing them would make more people pay attention..

  2. 2 Joseph continued

    and it may already be in full graphic novel form, in fact i think it is..but i see 1 page at a time much more than a projection of the full book for sale..1 page , although looks cool, doesnt give enough to capture peoples attention..

  3. 3 Smars

    awesome, this ep really spoke to some of my deep concerns and somewhat fears. where i am in life as an artist right now.
    especially the part about someone coming in and telling you that it’s time to stop “playing” and put on a tie.
    my dad literally did this to me a few weeks ago. i know most of my family feels this way. they do. and it hurts. but it also makes me more determined to succeed at this.

    yeah… i try to find a balance myself to get readers to support me a little through merch, but i don’t want to come off as pushy and like i’m always selling them something. i just wanna’ eat.
    there definitely can’t be one specific path.
    it obviously doesn’t work even in the world of print.
    the things that work for say marvel don’t necessarily work for dc or even image. all those major companies

    i have heard people talk about that 10 yr grind, but a lot more say 4 to 5 years. i can kind of see it now, and wish i had been aware of it a decade ago.
    i had to start over on that whole building process.
    i went away to school in 06 after self publishing since 98
    i pretty much inadvertently burned that bridge by no longer appearing at cons or producing comics.
    and on top of that now i’m doing this digitally versus print so the process of building requires an entirely new approach.
    i’m pretty much starting from the bottom up again.
    but i haven’t really found a model out there that works for me
    that is successfully being used by someone else.
    i’ve mostly just set myself to creating some of the stuff i would want and seeing if anyone else maybe wants it too.
    trail and error.

    we’ve reached a major saturation point.
    the internet is the world with a million distractions at the touch of a finger.

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Shadoweyes webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    @Smars: I totally agree. Major saturation point. And things have the ability to get even more saturated because even if everyone has a blog, not everyone has their own app or podcast or video series or whatever other media thingy. I find it both daunting and exciting. I love that I can be entertained by the work of my friends just as much by the work of strangers. But I hate that I have so many distractions and choices, especially when I’m so easily distracted.

    I was aware of the 5 year plan concept when I started this comics stuff seriously 3.5 years ago… but I knew so little about making comics that I couldn’t have created an intelligent and reasonable plan even if I wanted to. I feel like only now do I even have the slightest idea of how to go about things professional, and that’s only in a trial and error way, like you were saying.

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