Sequential Underground #41 – Writer’s Delight

Sequential Underground

Shawn Atkins, Dan Greenwald, and Nick Marino are joined by Brian Babyok of to discuss their individual writing styles, from seat-of-your-pants improv to heavily outlined scripts.

Brian reaches into his bag of writing tricks at S.P.A.C.E. in 2011.

We share our favorite kinds of scripts, our preferred methods of collaboration, our best writing experiences, and our worst ones.

Tell us how you like to write your comics — call 412-567-7606 to leave a 3 minute message on our automated comment line. We’ll play what you say on the show!

2 Responses to “Sequential Underground #41 – Writer’s Delight”

  1. 1 Dan

    As primarily a writer myself, this was one of my favorite episodes to date (slowly working my way forward chronologically). Also collaborated with Andrew Killian a bit… Small world). Looking forward to listening more and catching up to the present.

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Dan: I’m glad you dug this episode :D

    I think they get way, way better as the years go by so I’m looking forward to hearing more from you as you continue to tear through Sequential Underground.

    And yeah really small world! I love Kilian’s art. Cool stuff. Here’s the story we created together:

  1. 1 The Comics Podcast Network » Sequential Underground #41
  2. 2 Fairhaven - Page 70
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