HyperComboCast #37 – Waku Waku 7

HyperComboCast Podcast

Kenny and Nick tackle the Neo-Geo fighting game that’s got more character than Betty White, Samuel L. Jackson, and Dan Hibiki combined — Waku Waku 7!

Kenny kicks off the podcast by following up on last week’s episode and sharing a few thoughts about Street Fighter X Tekken.

After that, it’s some hardcore WW7 conversation! Kenny details the game’s evolution as a sorta-sequel to SUNSOFT’s Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors, and Nick compares the feel of the game to a hybrid of Pocket Fighter and Darkstalkers.

Then Kenny runs down the Waku Waku 7 characters… which include a farting robot, a chubby bunny monster, a super-powered android maid, and a police robot piloted by a Mario lookalike and his dog.

Of course, that’s not all — Kenny discusses the game’s fighting system and Nick shares some thoughts about WW7’s depth and design. Plus, after the end theme, a musical treat.

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