Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast #8 – Audio Commentary for Super Haters #1-26

Super Haters Destruct-O-Cast

Take a trip down memory lane as Nick Marino presents audio commentary for Super Haters #1-26, as recorded for 2010’s Super Haters Special Edition, a homemade digital collection of comics, commentary, and a few extras:

Never before released online, this audio commentary reveals behind-the-scenes info about the earliest Super Haters story arcs, including:

Click the above links to read the revised arcs on Facebook OR visit the AudioShocker’s Super Haters Master List to read the comics as they first appeared.

Note: Throughout the episode, Nick references “extras” originally included on the Super Haters Special Edition disc. To help you follow along with the commentary, he’s collected those images into a PDF which you can check out here.

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