Sequential Underground #37 – Characters and Pages

Sequential Underground

Nick is away at STAPLE so Dan and Shawn take the reigns for this episode.

They discuss the process of character design…

Dan’s Blue Wraith has a simple-yet-striking color scheme.

…and then they chat about the complexity of page layout.

A unique double-page spread by Shawn.

We wanna hear your tips and tricks for character design and page layout. Email or call our automated comment line at 412-567-7606.

2 Responses to “Sequential Underground #37 – Characters and Pages”

  1. 1 Brian John Mitchell

    You should have a little machine that you push buttons with Nick’s catch phrases on it like “woe woe woe… back up” or whatever.

    The silhouette thing is interesting. I think it’s probably way more important for “dark” characters than “normal” ones just because of the environment they are usually drawn in.

    I was scared I might have to do a fan fiction Sequential Underground, glad it didn’t come to that!

  2. 2 nick marino

    hahaha I’d listen to a fanfic Sequential Underground :)

    and do I say “back up” a lot? I NEVER EVEN NOTICED!!!

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