A Podcast with Kelly and Ross and Nick #122 – Talentless

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Remember when Kelly Thompson, Ross Campbell, and Nick Marino made podcast magic by taking you on “Quite An Adventure” with #120?


The magic gets tragic as we talk about Garfield, how we all agree on the existence (and overrated-ness) talent, Ross’s new Leonardo comic book cover, and how Kelly’s not a TMNT fan.

That leads to a brief definition of Turtlecest, which leads to a conversation about Mega Man’s butt in the Archie comics.

Are you a fan of Turtlecest? Do you like Mega Man’s butt? Tell us what you think! Email nick@audioshocker.com or leave us a message on our automated comment line at 412-567-7606 and we’ll play what you say on the podcast.

After that, Nick bitches about hardcover prices. Kelly bitches about how Marvel dropped the ball on marketing Fear Itself: The Fearless… BUT she likes Daredevil and Wolverine and the X-Men (both of which Ross and Nick haven’t read yet). And then Nick’s shitty internet ruins the podcast.

TODAY: Glory relaunches from Image with killer art by Ross! BUY IT!!!
IN 2 WEEKS: Kaylie is back to discuss Mac and Me.

MEGA HUGE SHOUT OUT to Aaron Conley of InvadeMyPrivacy.com for hooking us up with some excellent comics. Mucho awesome. And make sure you check out Aaron’s art because it’s fucking sweet.

22 Responses to “A Podcast with Kelly and Ross and Nick #122 – Talentless”

  1. 1 Kelly

    Hmm. I’m conflicted on this episode…

    On the one hand, it really puts a bullet in the whole “we’re magic together!” idea.

    On the other, this is SO MUCH BETTER than I thought it would turn out. Nice work Nick.

  2. 2 ross
  3. 3 nick marino

    @Kelly: THX! I wish I could hear how bad it sounded on your end. And I wish I could take credit for it sounding decent, but honestly we just got lucky. Skype and Call Graph did all of the work… I just deleted a few odd pregnant pauses here and these.

    @Ross: GROSS!!!

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    Nik Furious instrumental music

  5. 4 Brandon!

    I think the Megaman butt topic went over pretty well, filled some space in-between more respectable topics. Sorry I couldn’t contribute something more serious or interesting NEXT time if you guys ask Twitter for topics I will try and contribute something better. :)

    Sooo glad my other tweet didn’t make into the cast…

    The Turtlecest is really freakin me out, even worse is the art on the pic Nick posted here isn’t bad art I like coloring, WEIRD!!!

  6. 5 Andrew Kilian

    Next one should be the Miller-cast! Is an artists prior work invalid once they go batshit. I was unmoved when I heard about Whitney Houston’s death for much the same reason, but I still like Miller’s stuff before the last two Sin City’s and I started to get a weird feeling while reading 300.

    I figured there’d be more battle over The Talent discussion or at least an exploration of how it’s cultivated, suppressed, etc.

    Turtle-cest is by far the weirdest/most uncomfortable thing you’ve all brought to the table in a while.

  7. 6 nick marino

    @Brandon: Some of the Turtlecest is extremely well drawn, in particular the stuff by Sneefee. And I thought the Mega Man’s butt topic was fantastic.

    @Andrew: I feel like I explained my stance on Miller before… but just so I’m clear, I don’t dislike Miller’s old work because of his current state. I dislike it because I think it’s full of misogynistic themes, and not in a satirical way.

    With that said, I think that’s a really interesting topic suggestion. I’d be down for that.

    The lack of a talent battle is all my fault. And I’m so glad we could weird you out with Turtlecest!!!

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  9. 7 ross

    what did Whitney Houston do?!?

  10. 8 Paul

    Cass Cain could make a good comeback. I always liked her, especially later in her series when she could talk and her costume wasn’t weird. She developed a cool personality back then.

    I always thought that Daredevil looked cool. I know I read some of his comics when I was a kid, but I never developed any strong attachment to him. It’s like he’s not “special” enough to me to make me read his comics. If I want a low-powered, street-level type vigilante hero, I’ll just stick to the Bat family. That wasn’t a conscious thing, but looking back on it, I think that’s why I never really followed Daredevil’s series.

    I don’t hear any robot voices on the cast. Does it sound different to the participants than it does to the listener, or did you do a lot of editing?

  11. 9 nick marino

    @Paul: On their end, I was roboting pretty hard. But, luckily, on my end of the conversation (and, in turn, the recording), things came out pretty clear. I did about five minutes of extra editing to remove some pregnant pauses caused by the bad connection. But that’s it! We just got really lucky on this one.

    SORRY AGAIN, ROSS AND KELLY! My internet (fingers crossed, wood knocked) is all better now.

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    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  13. 10 ross


  14. 11 Kelly


    You mean what did she do “wrong” to make people discredit her as a great artist or something?

    I don’t know…I assume people just don’t like the drug use/addiction/weird behavior…and/or the fact that she was with Brown, who was also an addict and I guess there were domestic issues?

    She was on a reality show with Brown, Being Bobby (or something) that I assume didn’t portray either of them in the best light?

    I don’t really know…?

  15. 12 nick marino

    Being Bobby Brown was an awesome show, from the few episodes I saw. Whitney was totally over the top and the “Bobby’s making a comeback” theme made it easy to root for him.

  16. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Wet Moon comics

  17. 13 kaylie

    i’m down with turtlecest.

    i had no idea there was an Archie Mega Man comic, i kinda wanna read it now….pretty much the thing that got me into comics in the first place were the Archie Sonic and Knuckles comics, and i remember being similarly weirded out that certain artists seemed to pay special attention to making the female characters’ (like Sally Acorn) breasts incredibly detailed and huge, while the rest of them were pretty simplified.

  18. 14 Brandon!

    @Kylie Turtlecest noooooo its weird!

    The archie MM comic is pretty cool, its really great as a book aimed a kids it doesn’t talk down to the reader. The guy who does the art is that Spaz dude I think he’s worked on the Sonic comics fir awhile now. First 4 issues are in tradeform! Sally boobs also weird.

  19. 15 ross

    @Kelly: i thought maybe there was something Whitney did akin to Frank Miller or something along those lines, i hope it wasn’t just her being a drug addict and being abused by her boyfriend, writing somebody off for that would be shitty.

    @Kaylie: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, we should do a Turtlecest comic!!! i kind of want to put Turtle-cuddling in my Secret of the Ooze fan comic if i ever get around to it. the Mega Man comic is really good, you should read it! i think i might put it on my pull list. it’s still new, i think it started September 2011, so there’s not a lot to catch up on and the volume 2 trade comes out next month, i think.

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  21. 16 kaylie

    @ Brandon: oh man! Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante?? he was like my favorite artist back in the Sonic/Knuckles days! now i totally have to read it, weird pronounced butt cheeks and all! XD

    @ Ross: yes, turtlecest power! XD i admit i think it’s a little weird and off-putting when the situations are really sexual, not because of the incest or whatever, but just because i don’t really see the turtles having like…sexy or sexual personalities i guess? at least in the same way human teenagers might? but i guess that’s all up to interpretation, and if someone else thinks the turtles would totally get it on with each other, i don’t have a problem with that…actually, it kinda makes sense, since they’re like these mutants that have to hide from everybody and if they do have sexual feelings or want to experiment or whatever it would most likely have to be with each other, heh…kind of like a Flowers in the Attic thing going on. but yeah, i definitely approve of turtlekissing and turtlecuddling, that’s just adorable.

  22. 17 Jesse Munoz

    I can’t believe I mentioned talking about the Turtles when you already were talking about the Turtles.
    I loved, loved, loved the TMNT cartoon as a kid but tried to watch it again not too long ago and was barely able to make it through 5 minutes. Krang and the Technidrome are so terrible! As a kid I loved that the drome had a giant eye. I just thought it was cool. I’m not crazy, I was just being silly, Krang and the Technidrome are terrible.
    Good show, I think the Turtle-cest stuff really bummed me out. Its just so gross. The whole brothers aspect that Nick brought up really brought it home. The fact that it’s /fiction with Turtles doing it didn’t bother me at all but when it was pointed out that they were family… oh man!
    I would like to hear more about what books you’d relaunch especially with Glory coming out. (awesome by the way, Ross!)

  23. 18 ross

    @Kaylie: yeah, the Turtles don’t seem like sexual characters at all, i don’t like when it strays into the overt stuff either. i like the more platonic stuff. haha, Flowers in the Attic, yeah!

    @Jesse: thanks for listening! i think there’s a 75% chance that we’re talking Turtles at any given time on this podcast, hehheh. i remember watching some of the TMNT show as a kid but not much, i was never a big cartoon-watcher and i mostly got into TMNT through the toys, i still have most of them somewhere, and then i discovered the original Mirage comics when i was 10 or so and after that i shunned the cartoon because it wasn’t “serious” enough, even going so far as to paint the masks on my Turtle toys all red and their arm/leg bands brown. i think i must have been one of the only 10/11-year-olds around who was a Mirage purist, heh.

    i’m not a purist anymore but i’ve never gone back and watched the old show, maybe i should, as i’ve gotten older i’ve come around to a lot of the sillier, softer aspects of the various TMNT versions, so i wonder if i would like the cartoon now. i think making April a news reporter was a great idea, though. another thing i remember that always put me off of the show when i did watch it was how the show’s versions of the toys were always crappy, like i remember back in the day getting excited that Mutagen Man and Slash were going to be on the cartoon so i checked those episodes out, but the cartoon-versions of them sucked compared to the awesome toys.

    thanks again for the support on Glory, Jesse! we should definitely do a hypothetical-relaunch-cast.

  24. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    The Illiterate Badger webcomics

  25. 19 ross


  26. 20 nick marino

    About the Fred Wolf TMNT show… like X-Men: The Animated Series, I had a love/hate thing with the TMNT show. I loved the characters from the video games, movies, toys, and the few comics I’d read as a kid, but I didn’t really enjoy watching the cartoon. Still, I’d try to watch it every time it came on. And I tried, tried, tried until eventually when I was in my teens I had to admit that I just didn’t like it at all. I loved the theme song and the opening, but I didn’t like the stories. They were boring as shit, plus the characters were annoying.

    Like X-Men, I’ve always had a burning desire to revisit it and see if I was just in the wrong frame of mind as a kid. But the few clips I’ve watched in my adult years haven’t convinced me that I’m missing anything. I still find the show iconic and interesting, just not entertaining.

    Also, I agree about the toys being superior to the characters in the show. Mostly, I was pissed off that the best toy characters never showed up! I was always watching and waiting for an episode about Space Usagi, or the time when Panda Khan would join up to help the Turtles kick some ass!!! But it never happened :( All I got was an awful Mondo Gecko episode or two.

    @Ross: I had a TMNT purist friend when I was a kid!!! His name was Graham Hensley and from the ages of 8-10, he was obsessed with the original Eastman and Laird comics. He’s the one that told me that the TMNT were originally from black and white comics, and he told me about how the bandannas were all red like the cover to the original TMNT NES game. He was all about collecting the original series. I think he had a bunch of the early issues, like even some single digits stuff… I always wanted to look at them but I rarely went over to his house to play so I never got to see them!!! So you’ve got a soul mate out there somewhere — the one other TMNT child purist…

  27. 21 Smars

    megamans butt. :3
    it’s mega sexy

    gawd… why is it so big?!
    what a weird thing for the artist to fixate on when drawing him.

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  29. 22 Paul

    BTW, my LCS’s podcast gave a good review to Glory, and interviewed Joe Keatinge: http://www.acmewaveprojector.com/2012/02/acmecast-65-c-is-for-cookie.html

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