AudioShocker Podcast #214 – Halftime

AudioShocker Podcast

Neal asks: When it comes to the Super Bowl, is the game just a break for the ads? Neal says yes, but that’s mostly because he doesn’t know anything about football. Nick disagrees. And Justique just has halftime show ennui.

Neal thinks that the NFL was crazy for letting MIA on the show in the first place, at which point Nick reminds him that terrorism is not a genetic trait. Justique, on the other hand, just hated Madonna’s performance.

Once all of the Super Bowl talk is done, Nick wants to talk about Sheba, Baby (on Netflix and Amazon). The film has a water sports fight scene wherein Pam Grier rides a jet ski into battle, spraying casual racists with a flared barrel gun.

6 Responses to “AudioShocker Podcast #214 – Halftime”

  1. 1 nealllllllllllll

    i never said terrorism was a genetic trait.

    i was trying to say: if you (NBC) want to put on a really PC show – maybe don’t put someone on stage who is known for starting shit.

  2. 2 ross

    Neal, what is up with your audio, sounds like you’re podcasting inside a gymnasium.

  3. 3 nealllllllllllll

    i was at the office, my laptop lid was closed, the windows were open. basically the worst podcasting environment ever.

    but we made it work.

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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Neal: But on the podcast, you based her reputation on her father’s actions!!!!

    @Ross: I kinda like the echo.

    @Neal, again: I’m sorry. I’m just being a dick, as usual.

  6. 5 Paul

    Key & Peele is hilarious.

    I watch Netflix instant everyday, and I never saw Lillyhammer on there. They even predict that I’ll give it 4 stars, so why didn’t they show it to me? I always feel like they’re hiding all sorts of stuff from me. Like there are hundreds of movies/shows on there that never show up when I’m browsing. Lillyhammer sounds kind of dumb, though. It doesn’t help that the image for it is Steve Van Zandt mugging the most laughably stereotypical mobster face ever. Let me guess: there are lots of jokes about how Norway is different from New Jersey. What’s with all this weird food? Etc.

    The show ended abruptly at 23:54. I’m assuming that’s where it was supposed to end, and that I didn’t simply have a downloading issue. It just felt different from the usual abrupt endings.

  7. 6 nick marino

    @Paul: I totally agree about Netflix being really weird about what it does and does not show you. I stream it from my PS3, but to really get a full selection of my options, I have to sit nearby with my laptop and add stuff to my queue. If I don’t do that, then it seems like it shows me the same 100 options over and over.

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