Time Log is a 2011 SPACE Prize Finalist

I’m super proud to announce that Time Log is fighting for this year’s SPACE Prize in the Webcomics Category!

Time Log webcomic

The only people who can vote for the SPACE Prize are those who attended the previous year’s show. So, for example, only exhibitors from 2011 can vote for this current crop of nominees… a crop which was culled from in-person submissions made at the 2011 Small Press And Comics Expo in Columbus.


So if you were a SPACE exhibitor last year, please consider voting for Time Log! I’ve made it really easy for you to read the webcomic:

And here are some quick facts about the webcomic to get you up to speed:

  • The Time Log webcomic is a finite, 60-page story.
  • It’s a sequel to the Time Log one-shot, a 2010 comic book.
  • The story is about a time traveling group of friends out to save reality.
  • Stephen Foster, Neil Diamond, and Richard Nixon play important roles.
  • The characters are named after the creators, but they’re not based on us.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy reading Time Log and I appreciate your consideration.

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