A Podcast with Kaylie and Ross and Nick #121 – The Princecast

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Another episode packed full of deep issues and ethical conundrums!

Just kidding. We’re talking about Prince movies.

Kaylie is back to discuss Purple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, and Graffiti Bridge.

Have you watched the Prince movies? Tell us what you think about ’em! Leave us a message on our automated comment line at 412-567-7606 and we’ll play what you say on the podcast.

ALSO: Ross announces the debut of his new Wet Moon blog (Wet Moon 6 starts running on Friday!). And Nick teases some things to come in Super Haters.

PLUS: The return of the Rockycast! Ross and Kaylie are sick of anime, so Nick tries to convince them to watch Welcome to the NHK. And after the end theme, Kaylie disappears.

IN 2 WEEKS: Kelly is back for the Talentcast.
IN 4 WEEKS: Kaylie returns to discuss Mac and Me.

20 Responses to “A Podcast with Kaylie and Ross and Nick #121 – The Princecast”

  1. 1 Brandon!

    I don’t have anything to say about Prince, other than I like some of his music and I seriously disliked his reaction to Foo Fighter’s covering Darling Nikki, basically they covered it for fun and it ended up on the radio and Prince was like “they should play their own songs.” Foo Fighter’s being the classy gents they aren’t didn’t fight back and went on there Foo Fightin’ way. Anyways then Prince covered Foo Fighter’s Best Of You at the super bowel, and no one knows why like if he’s cool with them now or that was him trying to get back at them??? (this was all a few years ago but still left a bad taste.)

    Ross you need to give anime a chance!!! There is sooo much good stuff out there… but I guess you guys are kinda right too tropes tropes tropes!!! UGH… just go watch Ghost Hound I think you’ll really like it.

    I would say that the biggest problem with anime is that it’s lifted directly from the manga in most cases… so if you’ve read the manga then you just seeing the same story but you don’t have as much control of the pace… and I prefer comics to animation most of the time so it’s like see the lesser version of a story.

  2. 2 Paul

    In his movies, Prince is like this guy who has cool and interesting taste in stuff, and he’s drawing influences from lots of different places, but he can’t make all that stuff gel into a movie that works on its own. So he’s got the glam-rock influence that makes him really theatrical, then he’s got some old fashioned R&B, then he’s got the James Dean motorcycle thing, and he’s kind of a tough guy who loves the ladies but treats them like crap, but his sense of comedy is really broad and corny…on and on. But the one constant is that Prince is the coolest, slickest dude ever. He’s the best at everything, and he’s a deep, tortured artist, and women are crazy about him even when he’s a jerk.

    I agree that anime depends on tropes in a far more blatant way than Western cartoons do. Western cartoons are full of tropes, too, but they put some effort into hiding them. Have you ever read Bakuman? It’s about two high schoolers who break into manga. It’s a real behind-the-scenes story of how that stuff is created and published, and it’s very detailed. In Bakuman, the comic creators are constantly told to add familiar tropes to make their series more popular, and they generaly have no problem with it, it’s just understood as how manga works. Your hero needs a rival, and he needs to have these traits. The love interest needs to be like this, and do these things. And while the characters of Bakuman are learning these things, you can also spot them in Bakuman itself. It’s really clever. And the art is killer.

  3. 3 Kelly

    Good episode as always guys.

    The mystery of where Kaylie disappeared to for the last 10 minutes is kinda killing me. Although she was able to get Ross to call her Batman by doing it, so from now on this will be how I leave all podcasts. :)

    I’ve only seen Purple Rain and hate it…so I have little touchstone for this subject. Funnily enough I find Adam (my boyfriend) to be MUCH pickier about films in general and he loves Purple Rain. I suspect this to be the nostalgia factor, but can’t prove it.

    Two things struck me as particularly hilarious in this episode though –

    1. Nick saying that The Prince Cast was like HIS Garbage Pail kids cast. Ross’ arguments against were great and made sense, but it was all just so funny. NOTHING is worse than Garbage Pail Kids.

    2. Nick saying that you can watch the Ernest movies on so many different levels. Really Nick? Really?!? ;)

    Also, points in this episode for Ross bringing up Mac and Me, which I have seen and which is HORRIBLE.

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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Kelly: What I mean is that you can watch the Ernest movies as pure goofball family entertainment, and results may vary on how much you get from that. But you can also view them as cultural barometers for their times AND for where we’re at now in society. It’s really interesting stuff if you pay attention to the cultural representations in the films (characters, settings, diversity, spirituality). I don’t think that it’s any sillier than reading a Batman comic book and finding a meaning deeper than “psychotic vigilante punches bad guy.” Hmmm… what’s that saying about glass houses? OOOOO YOU GOT SERVED!

    Garbage Pail Kids is sick, twisted, and terrific. Prince movies are just sick and twisted.

    JK! Prince movies are okay, but I think that all of the weird, gross, and bizarre moments in the Garbage Pail Kids movie make it way more enjoyable. The Prince movies, however, were demoralizing to me because they’re so self-indulgent and meandering. Funny sometimes, but mostly confusing and awkward. Garbage Pail Kids is at least uproariously bad and gross. The Prince movies have a Hollywood sheen that makes it harder for me to laugh at them in the same way.


    @Paul: Great summary of Prince movies!!!!!!

  6. 5 kaylie

    i am the night! >:) nah, really i was just getting really tired and had to go to the bathroom really bad, and i didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the conversation. maybe that was ruder than just interrupting, but my thought process wasn’t functioning so well.

    i totally agree about the Prince movies, and Ernest! i’m so scared of watching Mac and Me, eep.

  7. 6 ross

    @Brandon: dude, i have given anime the hugest chance! i was into anime and manga HARDCORE years ago, i even drew in a super manga-type style for a while. but after years of watching hundreds of anime episodes and fansubs and reading every manga i could get my hands on, i started to notice the patterns and how so much of the imagery and ideas are repeated, and the newer anime i’ve dabbled in seems to be doing the same stuff with the same mechanics. after a while it all lost its luster. once i realized that recurring character types have specific terminology and requirements to fit the archetypes, then i was pretty much out. i realized that all my favorite characters were basically all the same one character just with different visual designs, and that’s really depressing for me. and i think since everything is so firmly placed in narrative boxes, it saps the emotion out of it and i can’t connect to the characters anymore.

    there are still standouts i love, like Evangelion because the characters aren’t easily boxed in archetypes (at least they weren’t when Eva was made, they’ve spawned archetypes, though, since Eva is so often imitated on superficial levels), and of course Hayao Miyazaki who is one of my favorite directors if not my favorite, period.

    i feel like maybe i have a hair-trigger knee-jerk reaction to anime hese days, though, i should really give some of the new stuff a chance. i have a hard time even getting past the opening credits of this stuff, as soon as i see the requisite walking/running animation loop or a character with a hair blowing in the wind or the same close-ups of eyes or something, i check out, haha. i feel like that’s anime in a nutshell; you know you’re in trouble when the show intro itself has become a template of required beats. i can just imagine the producers being like “okay, did we get the character-looking-over-her-shoulder shot in there? what about the shot of glistening tears?”

    but i’ll always love Marmalade Boy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6oYHRfMJTo <3

    it's not just anime i have a hard time with, though, it's a lot of Japanese cinema, too. i really burned out hard on that, i'll blow my brains out if i see another Japanese film with stuffy characters stiffly pondering the nature of the human soul or something. i think a large part of this is also what gets exported to the west and what i was able to get my hands on. i used to get a lot of fansubbed bootleg stuff that wasn't released here, but i'm sure there must be some kind of obscure anime or manga scene that breaks all the rules.

    also, ironically maybe, i am a huge kaiju/giant monster fan, like Godzilla but especially Gamera. i love that shit. a lot of Godzilla movies don't have the stiffness that bothers me in a lot of anime and Japanese cinema, and the later Gamera movies have some of the typical Japanese-style metaphysical mumbo-jumbo but the characters are all really good, especially in the 2006 film. so there's definitely stuff coming out of Japan that i really love, but i'm not sure why the majority of the anime and manga industry seem to be doing things, in my opinion anyway, in such a specific, narrow way.

    all that said, i'm not saying this stuff is BAD, it's just not usually my cup of tea. :)

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  9. 7 ross

    @Kelly: glad you liked the episode!! i’m surprised you’ve seen Mac & Me, did you see it recently or when you were a kid? i first saw it about 5 years ago.

    @Kaylie: i can’t WAIT to watch Mac & Me and hear what you think. i wonder if it’ll break me like Garbage Pail Kids did, though. i’ve only seen Mac & Me once so far so maybe it’ll be okay.

  10. 8 nick marino

    @Kaylie: wait… who do you agree with??????

  11. 9 kaylie

    oops, i forgot to clarify, haha. i agree with Paul’s analysis of Prince movies, and i agree with Nick’s comments about Ernest, particularly about how there’s definitely socio-political and cultural value to be gleaned from them if you care to look, much like anything. i guess it all goes back to the whole nothing’s created in a vacuum thing, that everything, especially art and media, are products of their era and culture, no matter how irreverently the final product is meant to be taken, it’s always a commentary, through various lenses, of the circumstances under which it was produced.

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  13. 10 nick marino

    @Kaylie: WELL SAID!

  14. 11 Brandon!

    @Ross Okay I realize I should rephrase my comment to more of don’t count anime/manga out just yet. It sounds like you are kinda coming back around which is awesome cuz really there’s a lot of great stuff. There is this whole manga indie scene popping up and it’s pretty awesome. Like Solanin by Inio Asano, or Saturn apartments by Hisae Iwaoka, however I’d still say most anime/manga is a bit tropey but I think artists in Japan want to push beyond these tropes. I would also recommend Bakuman which Paul already mentioned, it’s by the duo who brought the world, Death Note. Another good one is Blue Exorcist by Kazue Kato which is tropey but it pokes fun at it, it’s really my favorite manga right now and the art is amazing, you just have to get thru the first book which is more trope less poke but it’s sooo worth it.
    I love japanese monster movies too!!! Mostly Godzilla, I have seen some Gamera but not any of the recent ones, is the 2006 one worth a watch?

  15. 12 Paul

    @Brandon! Yeah! Solanin is great, and so is What A Wonderful World. Those are the only Inio Asano comics I’ve read so far (and only vol.1 of WAWW). I hope more of his work is published over here son.

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  17. 13 ross

    @Brandon: i haven’t counted anime and manga out entirely! like i said i still give things a shot, i just don’t actively seek it out because i’ve been burned so many times. i usually check out something if it piques my interest, though, like that Basquash show i mentioned, or if a friend has me watch something. i’m not saying there is no good anime or manga, painting an entire country’s artistic output would be stupid, i’m just saying it’s really hard for me to find ones that i like and i’m trying to explain why.

    one big obstacle for reading new manga is the amount of books! like Saturn Apartments has 7 or 8 volumes, right? i don’t have that kind of money! maybe the library has them. i’d love to check out Solanin, though, i think that’s supposed to be pretty short. i really loved what i read of Urasawa’s Pluto, which i started reading as scanlations a while back but stopped because i felt bad, but i’d love to read the rest of that but again, there are 8 volumes. T_T i love long-form stories like that but right now it’s too much of an investment. i feel sort of shitty saying that while also putting out my own multi-volume series, haha.

    i wanted to get back into Battle Angel recently, i still have the first several books from when i was younger and wanted to get the rest, but then i found that in addition to the rest of the first series, there’s a SECOND series that changes the ending of the first series and continues in a different direction with like 15 more books. O_O

    if i was my younger and less pragmatic self i’d have no problem with it, though. i spent over $400 on the entire Evangelion series back in the day, haha. that was before DVDs and each VHS tape was $30-35. ahh, good times.

  18. 14 Brandon!

    @Ross The money thing is a big issue I can totally understand that, in fact I’ve spent more on comics this year and I think I have in the past 5 years so I have to SERIOUSLY cut back. I read most of Gantz via scanlations and had to stop for the same reason you did. I’ve been buying them now, luckily I got the first 5 for a buck each. Maybe once the digital market is more fully realized they will offer these long on going series cheaper or have like a reasonably price subscription or something.

    Defiantly check out Solanin you can get it all in one graphic novel not to bad on the price and you can prolly find it used on amazon.

    My friend spend about the same on his collection of Evangelion, but at least he gott’em on DVD… man that’s rough. I bought a collection I thought was official but ended up being a bootleg DVD, now I’m buying the “remakes” on Blu-Ray.

    Ooo Battle Angel! I couldn’t keep track of the different series but it’s definitely on my list to pick up… eventually :/

  19. 15 nick marino

    Battle Angel!!!! I’ve been looking for it every time I go to a new comic shop or a used bookstore. SO HARD TO FIND! I don’t want it so bad that I’ll order it online… but it’s always on my mind when I’m around books. Seems like it must be rare or in demand.

    Have any of you read Ral Grad? I’m not especially well read when it comes to manga, but that’s my favorite series. In terms of the concept, it kinda reminds me of Pokemon meets Avatar: The Last Airbender with a bit more of a fantasy vibe to it. However, thematically, it’s pretty different from those other stories.

    Best part about it is that it’s a finite story — only four volumes. Not a big investment and easy to read. To me, I didn’t find it very steeped in tropes or cliches, but then again I’m no expert on that stuff. The characterizations seemed relatively fresh to me.

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  21. 16 Brandon!

    @Nick Have you seen the Battle Angel anime movie thing? I have not read Ral Grad, But I just googled it and it looks AWESOME! I’m defiantly going to check this out! Some of the desgins remind me a bit of Aqua Knights, any ever read that one? I haven’t really read the whole thing but it has some of my favorite inking and what I’ve read of the story is pretty cool too.


    Oh and nice use of the SF4 font… you know what I’m talkin bout.

  22. 17 nick marino

    @Brandon: You mean in the Nik Furious ad? Thx. It’s a nice font, right?

    Yeah, that Aqua Knights art has a lot of similarities to the Ral grad stuff for sure. At least, the big metal dude does. And if I’m not mistaken, Ral Grad is by the same artist as Death Note.

    hehe “defiantly going to check this out”

  23. 18 Paul

    I usually look out for Battle Angel, too. I love the art in that so much. Maybe it’s just old enough that there aren’t many copies in new stores, and the people who have it hold on to it. But I have found a few volumes at a used store here.

  24. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

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  25. 19 ross

    Ral Grad looks pretty cool if just for the covers of the books, the main dude looks great.

    Aqua Knight is another one i really dug! it’s by the Battle Angel guy, Yukito Kishiro, but it’s completely different than Battle Angel.

    Nick, i should send you the Battle Angel books i have, i have the first 5 or 6 books of the original series. might be expensive to send, though..

  26. 20 nick marino

    @Ross: I think the interior art in Ral Grad is even better than the covers. Really cool line work and super awesome monsters.

    Such an excellent offer! THX!!! Honestly, I have so many back issues to read right now that it would probably take me forever to get to Battle Angel. But maybe if I see you in late March when I go up to that small press show in Buffalo I can borrow the first Battle Angel book, and then I’ll mail it back to you when I’m done.

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