HyperComboCast Bonus Stage #3 – The King of Fighters… the movie!

HyperComboCast Podcast

Kenny dares to go where no HyperComboCast has gone before!

He kicks it solo to deliver an AUDIO COMMENTARY TRACK for 2010’s The King of Fighters movie!

Watch along with Kenny by streaming TKoF on Netflix, or if you really love the AudioShocker, you can buy it from Amazon through our associate’s link.

Thrill to the intense fights! Be awed by the heart-wrenching drama! Watch Maggie Q get her butt whooped by Ray Park!

Now that’s what I call cinema.

2 Responses to “HyperComboCast Bonus Stage #3 – The King of Fighters… the movie!”

  1. 1 ross

    damn, i wish i could watch this!! i’ll have to rent it on dvd and come back to this.

  2. 2 nick marino

    i’m looking forward to trying it out. i had fun going through the movie to get screen caps, so i’m sure it’ll be fun to watch the whole thing.

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