Time Log #56

The Time Ripple has completed its realignment of history. And now… the conclusion of Time Log begins!

Time Log #56

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The band’s back together!!! Welcome back Paige and Justique — you both did a fantastic job on today’s comic :)

You can meet and greet (almost) all of the Time Log creative crew this weekend at PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo. Sadly, Pete won’t be there… but you can kick it with me (Nick), Shawn, Paige, and Justique! Meet us in person and see if we look like our characters (hint: only one of us does). PIX is this Saturday and Sunday from 10-5.

AND… if you say the special phrase, you’ll get a fantastic Time Log discount at my table! The special phrase is: SUPER-INTELLIGENT ULTRA-VIOLENT UNICORNS (and don’t forget to mention this blog post to jog my memory!)

We’re probably going to have to skip next week (not definitely but most likely) because I’ll be in in the Big Apple for the New York Comic Con. Neal and I will be representing the AudioShocker in the Podcast Arena (near Artists Alley). I’ll have copies of Time Log (the one-shot, plus the first two webcomics collections). So stop by and say hi!

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