HyperComboCast #11 – Marvel, from comics to fighting games

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Was Avengers in Galactic Storm the first Marvel fighting game! NO! It’s a wonky digitized sprite affair with eight main characters and eight assist characters (one of the first with assist characters).

Thankfully, X-Men: Children of the Atom was the first Marvel fighting game! This classic Capcom fighter has gorgeous character design, a good selection of fighters, and tight animation.

Marvel Super Heroes (our favorite!) was next, and it took things to the next level. Fantastic obscure characters (Shuma-Gorath, Blackheart), killer art direction, awesome gameplay… EVERYTHING RULES!

Marvel Super Heroes


X-Men vs. Street Fighter used the Marvel Super Heroes approach and runs wild with it in the very first Marvel/Capcom crossover game!

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is where things slip a little bit… and the secret characters are totally lazy re-colorations!

Then it’s the first Marvel vs. Capcom!!! (Nick loves the gameplay). We get Venom and War Machine, and some color-themed secret characters.

Marvel vs. Capcom


As for non-Capcom releases… There’s the very average X-Men: Mutant Academy 1 and 2. Plus, there’s X-Men: Next Dimension, a slightly freshened up Mutant Academy… and Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is sort of a fighting game.

But then we’re onto Marvel vs. Capcom 2!!! Cable and Marrow join the fight… plus two Wolverines? And, ahhh…c’mon, you know the rest. Classic, yadda yadda, etc.

Fast-forward to now… Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Oodles of new characters! MODOK, Phoenix, Taskmaster, and tons more. Plus, some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 conversation.

And after the end theme, we briefly discuss the rare adaptions of Marvel Comics story lines in fighting games — Operation: Galactic Storm and Infinity Gauntlet.

NEXT: Star Wars fighting games! (Masters of Tesar Kasi and Soulcalibur IV)

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