Project Basement – Spider-Man by Potter, Hall, and Stammer

Project Basement

Spider-Man by Jeff Potter, Wheeler Hall, and Keith Stammer

Spider-Man by Potter, Hall, and Stammer

We have some awesome firsts going on today! Our first collaborative submission AND our first submission from someone(s) I haven’t had any contact with previous to Project Basement. Here’s the breakdown:

And as opposed to last week’s installment, this submission reflects the flip side of the Project Basement volume 4 coin — Bad Good Guys!

But whether they’re bad, good, or whatever, the most important thing in PBv4 is that the characters are acting out of turn. Spider-Man is out of character here because he’s not wearing a white or neon or black or iron costume. And as for Ant-Man? Well everyone knows that Hank Pym is now the Wasp (uhhhh… wait… not anymore) and Scott Lang is dead (uhhhh… yeah… not anymore).

Oh fuggedaboutit!!! It’s obviously out of character because Spider-Man is doing his damnedest to light Ant-Man on fire. Right? Right.

NEXT: M.L.Walker brings the biggest baddest bastard to the Basement!

3 Responses to “Project Basement – Spider-Man by Potter, Hall, and Stammer”

  1. 1 nick marino

    I think my favorite thing about this piece is that Spider-Man’s torturing him from the side of a building, so if Ant-Man manages to get free, he’ll just fall to his death. BRILLIANT!

  2. 2 Wheeler Hall


    I agree with your assessment: Jeff Potter’s work is brilliant.

    I wanted to say thanks for letting us be a part of PBv4 since, as you pointed out above, we’ve only “met” through technology. It’s a grand thing, ain’t it?

    Giving credit where it’s due, Brian John Mitchell posted your call for submissions on facebook, and that’s where I learned of Project Basement. Without his post, I never would have known and never would have been part of this amazing project.

    Once again, thanks for including us in PBv4. It’s a tremendous honor.

  3. 3 nick marino

    I shoulda known it was Brian!!! I’m glad you guys took part. I love your piece. Please don’t hesitate to submit again in the future :)

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