Time Log #50

Stumbling backwards over Stephen Foster, MegaHitlerNixon tripped and landed on its severed unicorn horn, impaling both the mutated metal skull of Adolph Hitler AND the detached head of a power-crazed FutureNixon!!!

Time Log #50

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Can you believe it? WE MADE IT TO #50!!! If you knew everything that’s gone into this comic, you’d be surprised we even made it to #10 :)

I want to thank everyone that’s stuck with us so far. I know there have been some great strips, and some… well, some not so great ones (or, rather, some confusing ones). But starting next week, all of your Time Log reading will begin to pay off!!!

Also, Paige is getting a well-deserved break for the next month or so. This is her first project as an inker — not to mention her first comics project period! So she’s taking a short hiatus in anticipation of our final four strips (when she’ll make her triumphant return).

And, yes, this is Justique’s first webcomics project too!!! I know she’s probably thinking “Where’s my goddamn break?” NO BREAK FOR YOU! That’s what you get when you live with the editor.

Anyway, join us next week for the beginning of the end… a special thing that we like to call THE TIME RIPPLE!!!

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  1. 1 nick marino


    I think this one came out terrific. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

  2. 2 shawn atkins


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