HyperComboCast #10 – Street Fighter… the movie… the soundtrack!

HyperComboCast Podcast

Listen along with us using this Street Fighter OST YouTube playlist as we discuss this unexpectedly strong Priority Records soundtrack!

Ice Cube loves the “BOING!” sound. Come Widdit comes with a lot of good flows. Nas lays down some introspective rhymes. The Pharcyde causes pandemonium on a little kid’s TV as he plays Super Street Fighter II. Nick loves the song from the Brothers Under Madness. And Craig Mack may be forgotten but he kills it on his track!

Then it’s time for Neon Deion Sanders and Hammer to bring the corny!! Straight to My Feet is a MUST watch music video for fans of the Street Fighter movie and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Next up is Rumbo in da Jungo, which is wrecked by the Wreck League. And then Anotha Level drops another good rap track, but it’s the last one…

…because the last two tracks are world music songs. The Angelique Kidjo song is fantastic, but daaaaaamn the Chage and Aska song SUCKS!

NEXT: Marvel, from comics to games!!!

9 Responses to “HyperComboCast #10 – Street Fighter… the movie… the soundtrack!”

  1. 1 nealllllllllllll

    N E O N D E I O N

    aka. PRIMETIME

    but really, how great is it to see JCVD getting down? between this and his uncredited cameo in Breakin, you have to respect the muscles from brussels. he ain’t no square.

    also, this video is so totally 90s hiphop/movie mashup it’s outrageous. Zangief, Vega, — even that dude from Juwanna man who plays Deejay – ITS JUST TOO MUCH

  2. 2 nealllllllllllll

    also – didn’t deion JUST get into the NFL hall of fame like 3 days ago?

  3. 3 Kenny / Riot.EXE

    Van Damme was in “Breakin'”!?! How the fuck did I miss that?

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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Neal: You obviously didn’t listen to the podcast… CAUSE I TALKED ABOUT THAT IN THERE!!!!!!! Yeah, Snoop was the one who announced his induction.

    @Kenny: JCVD just stands off to the side and claps, so unless you’re looking for it, I don’t see how it would stick out. I can first spot him around 1:55 in.

  6. 5 ross

    Nick: you can’t see how he doesn’t stick out?!? he’s already hammin’ it up front and center around 0:55, and i love his moves around 2:15, then arond 2:50 he’s practically got a close up.

  7. 6 Kenny / Riot.EXE

    Holy shit, THAT’S where the “THIS IS SPARTA REMIX” song clip comes from! There’s a part in that video where there’s some dude dancing weird, but it has Leonidas’ head pasted on the guy…had no idea that was JCVD…and I’ve seen Breakin’ a few times, too!

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  9. 7 nick marino

    @Kenny: Wow! A few times??? Haha honestly, I’ve only tried to watch Electric Boogaloo and couldn’t make it past 20 mins. So corny.

    @Ross: His moves at 2:15 are classic.

  10. 8 Kenny / Riot.EXE

    I thought this was the first Breakin’. I only saw MOST of Electric Boogaloo once.

  11. 9 nick marino

    Yeah, this is the first Breakin. I’m sayin I’ve never even tried to watch it because I couldn’t make it through Boogaloo.

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