Time Log #46

As MegaHitlerNixon destroys everything in sight (including Nick), the two Petes (along with the FutureNazis and Stephen Foster) have finally arrived in 2069.

Time Log #46

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As you read this, I’m on my way to jury duty. And while I don’t really feel like going, I think it’s important to remember that jury duty is a luxury unavailable to the few brave souls who still survive in the year 2069. FutureNixon has abolished the modern American legal system and replaced it with an obscene dictatorship that amounts to widespread savage injustice.

Speaking of widespread savage injustice, Pete and I are collaborating on something else this week — Super Haters. It’s currently day four of Pete Borrebach Guest Week, and Pete is in the middle of a twisted story about the enigmatic circle of light known as Degenerate Dwarf.

3 Responses to “Time Log #46”

  1. 1 shawn atkins

    that sucks nick i got the “letter” a year ago fortunately they didn’t need me when i called to see if i had to go down. anyways nice comic today.

  2. 2 nick marino

    when i told them i had travel plans, they were pretty cool about it and let me go. the only thing is that i gotta be back there in a couple of months.

    my favorite part of the comic is MegaHitlerNixon in the bottom who looks like he’s charging up the unicorn horn and taking a crap at the same time. all the murder makes a monster have to poop!!!

  3. 3 neal


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