Sequential Underground #20 – Work Methods

Sequential Underground

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators gets to work!

Traditional vs. non-traditional work methods! Dan thinks most comic book artists are hybrids nowadays, while Nick isn’t even sure how to define traditional. SHOUT OUT TO BYRON WINTON! Shawn thinks that this discussion would have been more of an argument 15 years ago, but now digital is commonplace for comics creators.

Nick would love to go totally digital, while Shawn still loves drawing on paper. And Dan wonders how much home scanners have changed the game for comics artists.

Then everyone describes their typical work process for creating comics — from drawing materials to penciling to inking to scanning to coloring and beyond.

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2 Responses to “Sequential Underground #20 – Work Methods”

  1. 1 Byron

    I do a lot of color correction with my paintings after they’re scanned. As Nick mentioned, a comparison of scanned to color corrected. Yes, my scanner is THAT bad. I bought a Mustek 11×17, but it broke after 3 or 4 uses… so it’s back to the 9×14 HP scanner.

    I will utilize just about any tool out there that will assist me in reaching the end goal… a great looking painting. I’ll use 3D modeling, vector designs, photography, to collage work.

    I remember doing zines where it was all inked, paste-up, and photocopied. Those were fun. No boundaries except for the paper’s edge.

    I did a couple short story comics where it was all hand lettered. I am super grateful to be doing it in Photoshop now. Saves time and it’s easy to correct mistakes.

    Thanks for the kind words guys and thinking of me in this week’s discussion. Maybe someday, I’ll be on the show.

  2. 2 nick marino

    That’s what I have! A Mustek 11×17. I’ve heard the stories of it breaking after a few uses, but my experience is different. I’ve been using mine at least weekly for a year and a half. One time, Photoshop had a hard time recognizing it, and I had to reinstall the drivers, but that’s the extent of my problems with it.

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