Time Log #45

MegaHitlerNixon killed Nick by shooting a giant rainbow death beam from the unicorn horn on the top of its head. Now FutureShawn and Shawn are running for their lives!!! FutureSlavePaige should be running for her life too, but (as you can see below) she’s a bit upset right now…

Time Log #45

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And that’s why I’m posting it late, because sometimes things just don’t line up. See…

Pete had his script done early, and Shawn had his pencils in on time. But Paige was a bit late on the inks, and then I was a day late on getting the inks scanned and formatted for Justique. That means Justique didn’t start coloring until yesterday (and I should know this next part by now but I always forget) and she has a tough time getting it done on deadline when she starts working on it the day before it gets posted. That’s just natural. I understand why. And by the time the two of us finally finished the colors, I was already late with the lettering. And this one was a wee bit tricky in terms of balloon placement (not to mention the fact that Shawn forgot to draw the ropes on Stephen Foster (and I didn’t even notice that until today, which is totally my fault as editor because it’s easy to forget who is and is not tied up at any given time in ACT III)). SOoooooo…

That’s why Time Log is a little late today. :)

4 Responses to “Time Log #45”

  1. 1 nick marino

    my favorite part of this one is FutureSlavePaige’s chibi head.

  2. 2 ross

    i love panel 2. Time Log is already WAY better with Nick out of the picture. THANK GOD

  3. 3 nick marino


    oh, BTW, YOU SUUUCCCKK!!!!

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    Shadoweyes webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    Fixed a little mistaky-poo in panel 2 — the balloon tail was going to the wrong Shawn!

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