Sequential Underground #19 – Finding Your Voice

Sequential Underground

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[NOTE: Sequential Underground has moved to Wednesdays!!! It’ll alternate weeks with A Podcast with Ross and Nick, making Wednesday the new comics podcast day on the AudioShocker!]

Inspired by this ArtBistro article, Shawn wants to talk about finding an artistic voice.

It’s a tough topic… existentially artistic, if you will. And the SU crew leaps face-forward into the discussion with reckless abandon.

Nick is confused about the difference between artistic voice and artistic style. Seth thinks voice is inherent in the artistic process. And Dan thinks it takes a lot of time before someone develops an artistic voice that’s worth listening to.

NEXT: Traditional vs. non-traditional work methods!!!

5 Responses to “Sequential Underground #19 – Finding Your Voice”

  1. 1 Brian John Mitchell

    I think part of the thing with the idea of struggling for voice (especially in a commercial artform like comics as opposed to something like poetry or abstract visual art)is the idea of being a hack to fit your work in. Almost all of the great writers of the twentieth century were hacks. So the quest for voice is about art rather than craft & that’s something hard to balance. I think if you do feel your voice is fully established it may well mean you’ve stopped being an artist & have begun simply a craftsman; which is fine.

  2. 2 nick marino

    Hack like how?

  3. 3 Brian John Mitchell

    A hack like you aren’t doing your best original work so much as pandering to your audience by doing genre work. But like I say, the hacks are the best. I think within the context of being a hack you are forced to be more creative. I’m writing a comic about elder care & a sociopath assassin which is probably more interesting than either idea alone. Elder care – too serious to read. Assassin – obvious cliche. BJM=hack.

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  5. 4 shawn atkins


  6. 5 nick marino

    I kinda see what you mean. To me, a hack would be someone that spends most of their time ripping other people off and/or trying to push mediocre content as the greatest thing ever. I don’t necessarily see anything hackneyed about genre work or writing for an audience.

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