Time Log #42

Still in Berlin, 1945. Hitler and FutureNixon were wrestling for control of FuturePete’s detached metal arm when suddenly…

Time Log #42

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FINALLY, THINGS SHIFT IN THE FAVOR OF OUR HEROES! Took long enough, right? Well, enjoy it while it lasts because they’re not out of the shit yet…

Speaking of shit, Shawn and I are collaborating on Super Haters this week. In fact, it’s a little story I like to call “Shawn Atkins Guest Week“! And today’s comic is especially disgusting. Go read it!!!

EDIT: Oh wait! I almost forgot. My friends at the Yamagato webcomic (sorta) punk’d me the other day!

See, Beeslo and I have long since established our opposing views of the great John Romita, Jr. — I think he’s a modern master, while Beeslo hates the “monkey hands” (his phrase, not mine) the JRjr gives to his characters.

Both of our views have been summed up rather nicely in the most recent Yamagato comic strip by Beeslo and Colonel Panic. It’s funny and definitely worth reading!

7 Responses to “Time Log #42”

  1. 1 Alison

    Very happy to have discovered this site. Just lost an hour! Good work.

  2. 2 nick marino

    That’s what I like to hear!!! Thx :)

  3. 3 ross

    i want to know the secret frat boy realist origin of how the nazi guy got his bionic spider legs.

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  5. 4 shawn atkins

    a dare with the chocolate vampire and blue ghost or what ever nick and pete sez

  6. 5 nick marino

    hahahaha there actually is a frat boy realism explanation behind it!!!

    in the Time Log one-shot, the FutureNazis keep popping up mysteriously throughout the first two-thirds of the book. Pete (the real Pete, not the character) had an idea that one of the FutureNazis would constantly appear more and more cybernetic every time he appeared.

    the idea was to make fun of Terminator/Cable type of stuff, and at the same time subtly imply that larger stretches of time passed in this FutureNazi’s life between each of his appearances. we also wanted to imply that the travel through the vortex somehow affected the body.

    but when Pete and i condensed the original Time Log story from 72 pages into 24 pages and turned it into a one-shot, we got rid of most of that stuff. the only thing left was the FutureNazi becoming more and more cybernetic every time he appears.

    in fact, Shawn actually drew the FutureNazi becoming increasingly cybernetic. for example, when he shows up on the second page of the book, Shawn drew him with legs.

    but we ran into two problems — one, the changes were really confusing without an explanation; and two, because it was a such a confusing plot point, it was hard for Shawn to keep things straight while he was drawing it (some of his later appearances had him with a full set of legs… BTW, this sort of stuff is why Shawn started drawing Time Log when we were together, so he could ask questions about anything confusing in the script).

    when i inked the pages, i made it so that his legs were always hidden up until the time vortex fight around page 16 or so. and if you read it closely, it’s never clear if he has robot legs or two normal legs until you get to the reveal.

    so that’s the TRUE fratboy realism story behind the FutureNazi’s metal legs. i didn’t even have to make anything up!

  7. 6 ross

    that’s not good enough!!! it has to be some in-story thing where we get a string of events in detail that lead up to him losing his legs and he had some kind of relation to spiders so that’s why he has spider legs. “i’ve become what i loathed!”

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  9. 7 nick marino

    ross = never satisfied.

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