Time Log #41

Back in Berlin, 1945!!! Last we saw, FuturePete hatched a sneaky plan, goading Stephen Foster to go after the unicorn horn in his detached metal arm.

Time Log #41

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Sorry to make you wait for this one!!! But ya know, sometimes it gets tough to push a piece of art like this through five different collaborators when no one’s getting paid and the audience is your friends. Everyone has other obligations, and sometimes Time Log takes a hit.

But enough of my blabbering! You already know that. Point is, we’re in the home stretch now with less than 20 Time Log strips to go. And all I’ve gotta say is DAAAAMN we have some surprises in store for you!!! No one is safe and nothing is sacred!

Be back next time for more intense metal arm action in 1945!!!

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  1. 1 nick marino

    No comments yet? FOR SHAME!!! I’ll comment!

    I guess this week is a perfect example of why Time Log is best read when it’s collected. It jumps around a bit too much to be coherent for the average reader checking it out on a week-to-week basis. Basically, lesson learned on my part. Pete and I are already discussing the possible release of our largely-unrelated follow to Time Log in chapters.

  2. 2 shawn atkins


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