Sequential Underground #15 – Rethinking Webcomics

Sequential Underground

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators slide on its thinking cap and gets to work!

First up, Shawn and Nick were invited to hang out at Phantom of Attic Comics (Oakland) for Free Comic Book Day 2011, and they share about their awesome experience.

Then the guys briefly talk about the recently completed Time Log webcomic ACT II. They agree — it’s better in one chunk as opposed to reading it week-to-week.

That thought spins off into a discussion about rethinking webcomics — how they’re released, how they’re promoted, and how they’re collected.

Is the traditional system flawed? Why are graphic novel collections a better idea for indie creators than single issues? How could releasing webcomics as chapters improve the reading experience?

And what are some good ways to sell webcomics as a physical product? Nick likes the digital comic card, and Shawn likes CD collections.

4 Responses to “Sequential Underground #15 – Rethinking Webcomics”

  1. 1 Pierce

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! I listened to this at work while doing some penciling (slow night) My humble website is

    I’m currently playing with idea of stagnated? releases too. I’m trying to do some penciling everyday, then maybe ink in large blocks once a week, then do a large release at the end of the month. I was thinking of having them staggered daily, but if I did them a month ahead of time it would give me more leeway throughout the month in inking and penciling.

    But I see your point too.

  2. 2 nick marino

    Thx for listening!!!

    My whole chaptered release idea is focused on delivering chunks of story at a time because I think the daily/thrice weekly style is one of the primary things that discourages traditional comics readers from trying out webcomics. I think they want enough quantity of story to feel like it’s a quality reading experience, if you follow me.

    To put it in even more cliched terms, people want quality over quantity BUT only if they feel like the reading experience has quality potential to begin with. And I believe that for a lot of readers (including myself on occasion), there’s no quality potential in a page a day or a few times a week because it takes more than one page to advance the narrative in a significant way.

    I’d post a schedule, like “the next chapter of XYZ Comics runs every first Tuesday of the month!”

  3. 3 Pierce

    Yeah, I guess it depends on the type of story being told and the audience. Like right now I’m on an American Elf kick, and I’ve seen the characters progress over the years as Kochalka did the strip.

    I’ve seen similar progression (in a similar strip) from Sam Spina’s Spina Doodles

    As I was rereading this, I just realized something. I read more of Kochalka’s old stuff than I do his new stuff because he has some weird RSS setup so his comics don’t show in reader, forcing me to visit the website. But I can read like twenty or so of his old stuff whenever I get a chance.

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  5. 4 nick marino

    Hmmm that’s interesting about his RSS feed. I used to be all about RSS when I had a day job but when I started working from home and spending most of my time on art, I almost completely stopped using RSS. I think for career artists, it’s easy to forget that lots of readers are dependent on RSS to get your material in an easy and central location.

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