AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic cards

If you’ve been to a concert within the past few years and decided to hit up your favorite band’s merch table after the show, you may have noticed them selling (or even giving out) personalized download cards feat. mp3s and videos and more.

Dropcards is the name of one of those download card services, and they’re the company I opted to go with for the AudioShocker Comics Archives v1:

AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic card

I’m calling this item a digital comic card (or DCC or even just a comic card). It’s the size of a common gift card, so that means it can easily fit into your wallet or your pocket or even your pocket protector (if you’re still rockin’ one of those, that is).

On the back of the card are two important things — a unique download code and the URL where you can redeem that code (in this case, it’s

This DCC debuted at SPACE 2011. Since then, I’ve added tons of awesome comics and audio commentary. Here’s what you get (last update 09.14.2012):

  • Time Log
    • Time Log one-shot [b&w] (PDF)
    • Time Log one-shot [color] (PDF)
    • The New Time Log (1 of 3) (PDF)
    • The New Time Log (2 of 3) (PDF)
    • The New Time Log (3 of 3) (PDF)
    • Audio Commentary – Time Log one-shot writers (MP3)
    • Audio Commentary – Time Log one-shot artists (MP3)
    • Audio Commentary – The New Time Log (1 of 3) (MP3)
    • Pencils – Time Log one-shot (PDF)
    • Pencils – The New Time Log (1 of 3) (PDF)
  • Super Haters
    • Super Haters #1-26 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #27-40 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #41-49 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #50-56 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #57-78 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #79-103 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #104-131 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #132-159 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #160-187 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #188-214 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #215-229 (PDF)
    • Super Haters #230-254 (PDF)
  • Zombie Palin
    • Zombie Palin 3rd edition [b&w] (PDF)

Hours of entertainment for only a few $$$ = better living through science!

All of the comics are available as PDFs (at much higher quality than you can get online for free). And the mp3 audio commentary goes in depth in a way that no blog post could ever manage to do.

And it gets even better than that! Not only do you get three different series when you buy the v1 comic card — you get new content as it’s completed. For example, I recently finished coloring the original Time Log one-shot. Once I’m done relettering it, I’ll upload it to the site and email all the digital comic card owners to let them know there’s new content available for download.

There’s one thing to be aware of: Dropcards protects artists by allowing digital files to only be downloaded ONCE per card. If you’ve already downloaded The New Time Log (1 of 3) PDF, for example, you’ll never be able to download that file again with your unique download code. So download wisely and make sure to backup your purchases!

Currently, I’m prepping the display materials to have AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 DCCs sold in a few local stores here in Pittsburgh. And I’ll be selling them in person at Phantom of the Attic Comics (Oakland) for their upcoming Free Comic Book Day 2011 celebration on May 7th.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these cards, or requesting one as a review copy, email nick [at] audioshocker [dot] com. And, FYI, I’ll be updating this blog post as new content is added.

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  1. 1 nick marino

    BTW, I want to thank a few people who were integral in helping me develop this product:

    – Conrad Knapp and Brian John Mitchell for all their input and great ideas. Ed Marino, Dan Greenwald, and Ross Campbell for listening to my sales pitch and giving me advice.

    – Pete Borrebach, Shawn Atkins, Paige Shoemaker, and Justique Woolridge for being my awesome comics collaborators.

    – Neal Shyam for always pushing me to try new technology and methods of distribution.

  2. 2 kaylie

    looks really snazzy!

  3. 3 nealllllllllllll


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