Time Log #36

Last time, we took a brief story detour to join FutureNixon as he time-tortured infamous sci-fi scribe, Philip K. Dick. This week, we rejoin the maniacal menace as he lands in a familar place… somewhere that was last seen in Time Log #22… the Land of the Unicorns!!!

Time Log #36

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*SNIFFLE* I’m gonna miss those unicorns!

But the story must go on!!! In fact, this story is getting ready to reach the end of its second act next week!

And after that? Ooohhhhhh it’s the moment Pete and I have been waiting for ever since we converted the epic tale of Time Log into a webcomic. We’re talking mega-shocking-didn’t-see-it-coming-awesome. And that’s only two weeks away!

Sandwiched in between the end of ACT II and the start of ACT III is a very special event… a little something called Free Comic Book Day 2011!

If you’re in Pittsburgh on Saturday, May 7th, come hang with Shawn Atkins and myself at Phantom of the Attic Comics in Oakland. We’ll be there doing goofy sketches, giving out our own original free comics, and selling copies of the Time Log one-shot, The New Time Log (1 of 3), and the AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic card.

Plus there’s candy, lots of other free comics, and great sales. Phantom really pulls out all the stops for its customers on FCBD, so it’s an event VERY worth your time if you love comics and you live in PGH.

3 Responses to “Time Log #36”

  1. 1 nick marino

    Nixon’s nose is engorged.

  2. 2 kaylie

    the way Nixon floats around with his hands on his hips in his supervillain get-up kills me. XD

  3. 3 nick marino

    he’s definitely an evil diva

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