Time Log #33

After raving about the restaurant’s delicious sandwiches, Nick and Shawn were invited into the kitchen of Justique’s Diner to meet the chef. As love blossomed between Nick and the burly cook, Shawn learned that Justique had a special button of her own…

Time Log #33

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This week I’d like to talk about… LETTERING! <everyone stands up and leaves>

No, seriously, I want to talk a little bit about lettering. See, back when I first started making my own comics, not only was lettering the last step in the process — it was also the last thing on my mind.

But over the years, I’ve come to not only enjoy lettering but to also give my lettering decisions a lot of consideration. Maybe too much consideration!!!

That brings me to today’s comic. In the first panel, we see a stylized silhouette of Justique’s hand hitting the button on her stove. In Pete’s script, it calls for the sound effect “Boo-Zeeep!” (an inversion of the “Bee-Zooop!” noise made by pushing the button on the time log).

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to letter the panel, and I went through several different iterations, as you can see here:

I didn’t want the letters to overpower the image, so I tried setting them on the bottom at first. But I had two problems with that — the narrow panel looked empty AND the “Boo-Zeeep!” was buried too low.

So I tried adding an exclamation point to the arm/hand to generate some motion and excitement. But neither black nor white gave the image the punch I wanted it to have.

So I tried breaking away from the low “Boo-Zeeep!” and I moved the SFX up top where it could be seen clearly. I added a bouquet of exclamation points beneath the button, and I added just a smidgen more black space to the button area. It was close, but still not what I wanted.

I remembered back to Time Log #27, another installment that left me with a lettering conundrum. My solution that time was a freestanding “Bee-Zooop!” between the panels. Inspired by that solution, I tried overlaying the SFX directly on Justique’s arm. And it worked!!!

While I’m not 100% satisfied (I think the SFX draws your eyes down when I’d rather have it draw them across), I dig the look of the first panel. And there you have it — another Time Log lettering adventure!!!

Oh, BTW, if you live in Pittsburgh, have a few bucks to spare for an arts-related cause, and need something to do on Friday night, come check out the Sugar Factory art show. Both Shawn and I have donated original art to benefit Pittsburgh’s Future Tenant art gallery.

4 Responses to “Time Log #33”

  1. 1 nealllllll

    now these are some good looking panels. nick and shawn looking ready to rock the eff out. personally, i would have gone for the bottom right version of the beezoop lettering – but the vertical white lettering ads some much appreciated velocity to the button pressing.

  2. 2 nick marino

    THX! I was about to go with the bottom right… in fact, I sent the one I chose as well as the one on the bottom right to Shawn and asked him which one he liked better. We both agreed that the white letters on the arm were a stronger graphic image, but I was torn because the bottom right directed the flow of vision better.

  3. 3 Pete

    Panel 3 is an instant classic.

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  5. 4 nick marino


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