Time Log #27

Previously in 2069: FuturePete decided to take matters into his own hands… which means he went and got his arm ripped off by FutureNixon, and then got himself captured by the FutureNazis.

Previously in 2010: FutureShawn finished her campfire story and then hurried back to 2069, leaving Pete, Nick, and Shawn befuddled as to what they should do next.

Time Log #27

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Some of you may have seen my editor credit on Time Log and wondered, “Why does Time Log need an editor?” I figure now’s as good a time as any to explain what I do!

We’ve split the creative responsibilities into five steps: writing, penciling, inking, coloring, and lettering. To get metaphorical on yo’ asses, I’m like the comma between each of those steps.

Pete and I plot the story together (often verbally, to our own detriment), and then Pete scripts it. My metaphorical comma activity comes in when I proofread the scripts, make sure continuity is in tact, and email them to Shawn.

Shawn and I meet up at a coffee shop in Pittsburgh nearly every weekend, and every other weekend he pencils Time Log (he pencils it two at a time on a single piece of bristol board). I scan his pencils, handle any clean up, convert them to pure cyan, and email them to Paige.

Paige prints out the blue line pencils and inks them. Then she drops them off at my apartment, where I scan them, clean them up, make them fit into our border-less panel system, and prepare the coloring files for Justique.

Justique typically colors the comic strip on the Wednesday night before it gets posted. I’m happy to say we’re moving her deadline to Tuesday. :)

Then I letter. I do my best to stick to everything Pete’s put in his scripts, but sometimes circumstances leave me with little choice but to make some changes. If we’re still working with the comma metaphor, then this is where the “and” comes in.

Take today’s #27, for example. Here’s what it looked like when Justique finished:

Great, right? But when I compared the art to the script, it left me with a few issues. First off, the final panel needed a background. Easy. And in the third panel, there’s an issue with the FutureNazi’s arms. After testing a few options, I decided to fill both of the sleeves in black. Still pretty easy.

But fixing the issue between panels one and two was more difficult. See, the FutureNazis show up without smoke to indicate their arrival. I found that the best solution was to condense the art and add a vertical BEEZOOOP in the middle. I’m not convinced it looks better than the original, but I do feel it was necessary.

Then I paste the lettered version into our title/credits template, come up with a goofy line for the upper right corner, and post it here on the blog. And that’s pretty much what I do as an editor.

Anyway, don’t forget about last week’s caption contest!!! I’ll give you one more week to enter, and we’ll announce the winner next Thursday. See you then!

9 Responses to “Time Log #27”

  1. 1 shawn atkins

    awesome and here I thought my pencils were always perfect i have now seen the light.

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Shawn: your pencils are great pls don’t think i’m knocking them cause i’m not.

    actually, what i want to get across to peeps is that it’s totally natural for the comic to evolve as it changes hands — some people add things, some people leave things out. it’s just that when it comes time to pair the script with the evolved product, sometimes a little problem solving is necessary to make everything work.

    do you like it more or less with the vertical BEEZOOOP added in?

  3. 3 pete

    I never realized that the vortex wasn’t re-drawn every time it appears. Crazy.

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Wet Moon comics

  5. 4 nick marino

    it normally is redrawn. but to save a bit of time, we skipped re-drawing the past two times.

    shawn’s always trying to get me to use distorted photos and such.

  6. 5 Ed

    Very cool. Ed

  7. 6 Stephanie

    I think the vertical beezoop works great Nick. It probably wouldn’t have worked as well without it.

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dinogeddon webcomics

  9. 7 nick marino

    @Ed: THX DAD!!!!

    @Steph: THX Steph!!!

  10. 8 ross

    i like the beezoop. you also could have drawn the vortex/portal behind the characters in panel 2. or a portal AND the beezoop!!

  11. 9 pete

    Next time, sneak in a warped picture of the Bill & Ted’s movie poster.

  12. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dead Mondays webcomics

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