Time Log #26 + Caption Contest!!!

FutureNixon ripped off FuturePete’s metal arm (which contains a packed-with-time-traveling-power unicorn horn) and BEE-ZOOOP’d into the past to do whatever evil stuff a cybernetically-enhanced Richard Nixon likes to do.

But wait… how did Nixon even know about the unicorn horn in first place??? He got secret inside intel from FutureSlavePaige a.k.a. the time traitor!!! And now, with FutureShawn and FuturePete in shock, the FutureNazis are ready to set their devious plan in motion…

Time Log #26

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Time Log #27
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It’s finally here!!! The contest you’ve all been waiting for!

As we mentioned last week* this contest is gonna send you straight to your think tank to come up with clever and witty entries as you fight for the top spot!

The rules are easy:

1. Read Time Log #26

2. When you get to the last panel, come up with some snappy dialogue for the metal legs FutureNazi and FuturePete.

3. Submit said snappy dialogue in the comments section of this blog post.

4. Rinse and repeat.

The winner of the Caption Contest will receive a FREE copy of The New Time Log (1 of 3) mailed directly to your door! It’s a deluxe collection of strips #0-17 in lavish color and printed on silky, deluxxxe quality paper!!! Also, I’ll toss a special surprise into the winner’s envelope.

* WHAT? You don’t remember the contest announcement? Well, that’s your fault, not ours. Whatever the deal is, we DID NOT just come up with this contest on the fly because we can’t figure out what we want the characters to say in the last panel. And we didn’t just invent the contest this morning while staring blankly at the near-finished comic. If you don’t remember the contest announcement from last week, that’s all on you, man. ALL ON YOU.

16 Responses to “Time Log #26 + Caption Contest!!!”

  1. 1 pete

    “And now, with FutureShawn and FuturePete in shock, the FutureNazis are ready to set their devious plan in motion…”

    I suppose that means that FutureShawn and FuturePete are in… Future Shock!

  2. 2 nick marino

    HEY-O!!! Good one, Pete!

  3. 3 pete

    My entry to the caption contest (I should lose, by default, but…):

    FuturePete: HEY-O!!!

    FutureNazi: Good one, Pete!

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  5. 4 nick marino

    Pete, that one’s inspired. Here’s my first submission to the contest:

    FutureNazi: “The rhythm builds and you feel the weight of each other’s body coming together. You feel your partner reaching that place of no return and hear them reach orgasmic ecstasy. Together, you continue the lovemaking building your passions to greater heights.”

    FuturePete: “Short pause.

  6. 5 pete

    I’m just happy that people are entering our contest.

  7. 6 Destruct-O-Tron

    FutureNazis: Mind’s Eye is really stupid. We should go take naked pictures of her.

    FuturePete: Yes, I agree. It would be funny to do that, and I would also like to hang onto the photos for later.

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  9. 7 Scottyduke

    Future Nazi: Wo ist dein Gott jetzt, Future Pete?

    Future Pete: Spiral Gyral!

  10. 8 nick marino

    Pete, could you translate Scott’s entry for me, pls?

  11. 9 pete

    FutureNazi: Where’s your God now, FuturePete?
    FuturePete: Spirale Kreisel!

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  13. 10 nick marino

    What’s a Spirale Kreisel? haha

  14. 11 Scottyduke

    lol! Even better, Future Nazi speaks the broken English and Future Pete replies in German. Spiral Kreisel!!!

    Revised entry:
    Future Nazi: Wo ist your God now, Future Pete!?
    Future Pete: Spiral Kreisel!!!

  15. 12 nick marino


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  17. 13 Scottyduke

    The way I read that last panel, I figured Future Pete would see the The Time Vortex opening and would say “Spiral Gyral” in reference to this type of art:

    Spiral Kreisel is of course the German translation of that.

    I blame my artistic mind.

  18. 14 nick marino

    hahaha I LIKES!

  19. 15 pete

    Hopefully, in no time, “Spirale Kreisel!” will be the new “Bang-o-rang!”


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  21. 16 nick marino

    I have ALWAYS hated Hook, from the moment I first saw it in the theaters for my friend Andy’s 9th birthday. SHOUT OUT TO ANDY!!!

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