A Podcast with Ross and Nick #88 – The Year 4000

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza #20! X-Men ( Season 2, Episode 20 ): Did Storm make a funny? Ross screen caps. Cable’s bad animated continuity. The computer cube. War Machine made a cameo and Nick missed it!!! And Ross likes sexy Colossus.

The James Hong Marathong reaches it’s worst week yet!!! Wayne’s World 2 is dumb… but is it more sexist than South Beach Academy?

War Machine in X-Men!!!

NEXT: X-Men ( Season 2, Episode 21 ), Breakout, and G2: Mortal Conquest.

12 Responses to “A Podcast with Ross and Nick #88 – The Year 4000”

  1. 1 nick marino
  2. 2 mark

    Haven’t finished the episode but I have to ask, is the cable story at all related to the 2099 series. me and my friend darren once had a chuckle reading the reader mail in some random 2099 issue I had?

  3. 3 nick marino

    OMG!!! Check out my crazy discovery of another War Machine cameo in X-Men ep. 20, this time super-secret and in the year 3999 AD!!!

    Also, more Sexy Colossus.

    @Mark: I’m not sure, but I’m leaning towards no. I don’t know 2099 too well, but none of the 2099 characters look like the mutants we see in 3999 AD. I think the animators just made up Sexy Colossus and friends for the episode (including Cable’s teammate with the Grace Jones hairdo hehehe).

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  5. 4 kaylie

    “sexy colossus” just makes me think of the Marvel swimsuit specials, which seemed really awkward to me as a kid.

  6. 5 pete

    @kaylie: wow, that seems really awkward to me as a grown up

  7. 6 nick marino

    “Despite his LARGE, HARD exterior, Colossus can still be softened UP by a good afternoon’s RUBDOWN.” [emphasis added by me]

    hahahaha oh man, Kaylie, that’s amazing. what i wanna know is who’s washing him? there’s one lady in a regular bikini top and pants, then another in a Greek goddess type of thing, and then the one with the bucket has on some crazy complicated skimpy outfit. are they X-Men or are they Colossus groupies with diverse taste in clothing?

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  9. 7 ross

    Nick: that first Sexy Colossus link doesn’t work. and you gotta get a screen cap of his jeans! i made one originally but i deleted it. there’s a shot where he stands up.

  10. 8 ross

    Mark: i don’t think 2099 is related at all, no, since those were in the year 2099 and this Cable thing is in the year 3999. ;) really though, i don’t think they’re related, the 2099 X-Men looked like this: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20061121122602/marveldatabase/images/d/dc/X-Men_%282099%29.jpg

  11. 9 mark

    ross, nick: I didn’t watch the episode but it occurred to me when you were talking about the virus thing that there would have to be a consistent timeline between present day and 3999 and I was just wondering if they incorporated that into the 2099 universe

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  13. 10 nick marino

    @Ross: hmmmm dunno why it didn’t work for you. it works for me just fine… you mean the very first comment on this post, right?

    @Mark: hahaha you said consistent timeline! they can’t even keep their characters looking consistent. for example, the first time we see Sexy Colossus, he gets up and runs away, and from the back, he’s entirely covered in steel. but when we see him again, only his arms and sides are covered with metal, and he has a strip running down his back of plain skin. the quality control on this show is unbelievably low, so i doubt they ever considered 2099, at least not at this stage in production. fuck, with this episode, they abandoned their Savage Land storyline that’s been running since the start of this season 2.

  14. 11 ross

    Nick: yeah, i get a 403 Forbidden. :(

    i remembered a week or so ago that i saw on the Marvel Wiki that the X-Men cartoon was considered part of the Multiverse which is stupid but it was listed as Earth-92131. so i figured since everything has to be part of the dumb multiverse, then 2099 must have been a different reality too, and sure enough i did some looking around and the 2099 series was Earth-928, and the plague/3999 future in this episode is Earth-13393, and then apparently the future where the plague is cured is Earth-121893. WHEW!

  15. 12 nick marino

    @Ross: wait… so is the 3999 AD with the plague also in the comics as 13393? or is 13393 strictly the plague universe from this particular story arc in the cartoon? and what’s with the really arbitrary numbering?

    you may have already seen that Sexy Colossus on our Tumblr earlier today: http://audioshocker.tumblr.com/post/3218604763/sexy-colossus

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