Time Log #24

FutureShawn has finished the scintillating story of PastPete/FuturePete’s run-in with the super-intelligent, ultra-violent time cops known as… UNICORNS! As we learned last week, in the process of becoming FuturePete, PastPete was severely mutated by a severed unicorn horn. And now, with her ominous tale completed, our storyteller must return to her dystopic future.

Time Log #24

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This installment of Time Log is going up a few hours later than usual, but with good reason! Let me tell you a story…

Yesterday morning, Justique decided to get started on today’s colors. We own two laptops, one of which is an older Gateway Ma7, and it’s got all of my art on it. It’s not outdated by any means, but it’s not that new either.

The laptop has a few a issues. The most notable of these issues is that it’s essentially a desktop PC because the battery doesn’t hold charge.

Justique was working on the bed, with the laptop pretty close to the edge. When she moved back to stretch a little, the computer slipped and whacked the floor. Everything seemed okay, but it turned out that the power cord bent just enough to snap a piece of conducting metal from the tip of the charger! NOOOO!!!

In crisis, we ran around Pittsburgh trying to find a universal charger that would work for the computer. I tested out a bunch of brands at Best Buy, and even one over at Office Max. Rocketfish, iGo, Kensington, Targus… none of them worked.

Defeated, I returned home and decided that Time Log #24 would just have to wait until I got a new charger in the mail. So I searched around Amazon until I found a genuine 65W Gateway charger that seemed legit.

My next step was to figure out if I wanted expedited shipping on the order. I took a peak at the location it was shipping from and oddly enough… it was Pennsylvania! I Googled the name of the seller to see just how far they were from me, and it turns out they’re only a few miles outside of Pittsburgh in the town of Carnegie.

By this point, it was 4 PM — just early enough to battle through rush hour traffic to make it to the seller before they closed shop for the day. I got there just in time and they had the EXACT charger I needed.

So I wanna send out a HUGE thx to CDS Micro Systems for coming through in a pinch. CDS, this installment of Time Log is dedicated to you!!!

5 Responses to “Time Log #24”

  1. 1 shawn atkins

    Nice! quite a story to get it done and it looks great

  2. 2 nick marino


  3. 3 Pete

    Killer sound effects in this one!

    Who’d a thought there’d be such a time crunch to put out a time travel story?

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Dinogeddon webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    Thx for noticing, Pete! I really worked my ass off to make the SFX good in this one. Anyone notice that FutureNixon has his own dialogue font?

    While we’re tossing out compliments, this was the perfect amount of dialogue for it to fit comfortably, in my opinion that is. And I really liked flow of the talking too. Bridges the panels nicely.

  6. 5 nick marino

    i had to change something in the strip for slight continuity reasons… can anyone tell what got changed?

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