Time Log #22

FutureShawn continues her flashback campfire story (a surprisingly vivid flashback considering she wasn’t there) about PastPete’s (soon to be “FuturePete’s”) adventure in the land of the (super-intelligent, ultra-violent) unicorns. And by “adventure” I mean PastPete just snapped a unicorn’s neck (after it ripped off his arm, that is).

Time Log #22

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After last week’s strip, I talked a bit about the past. Today I’d like to talk a bit about the future.

Right now, we’re putting the final touches on a print collection of ACT I of the Time Log webcomic (soon to be known as “The New Time Log, 1 of 3” or something like that). Here’s a sneak peek at the in-progress cover to said print collection:

It’s by a friend of Shawn’s named Ashkraft (did I spell that right?), who’s been trying to break into comics since the early 90s (if I’m not mistaken). While his style has that era written all over it, I’m very fond of the look and feel of the cover. Does anyone know what classic Marvel comic book we’re homaging with this cover design?

As for the webcomic’s future, Pete and I are finally hammering out the rest of the plot. It looks like Time Log will run about a year all in total (give or take a few weeks, that is). My guess is it’ll end up on the short side of a year… but I could be wrong!

So what plot developments am I excited for next? Well, there’s a quick detour to Europe that should cause some interesting reactions from commenters… and there’s also a lot of reconstruction in order considering how bad Pete’s actions messed up the timestream. Plus, we’ve got a throwback homage to Krang and JUST MAYBE another visit to the land of the unicorns!

12 Responses to “Time Log #22”

  1. 1 nick marino

    i like how thick and enveloping the time smoke is in the final panel…

  2. 2 Pete

    I think we’re just calling it “The New Time Log” (with out mentioning the “1 of 3” in the title).

  3. 3 nick marino

    “1 OF 3” stays or I walk!!!!!!!

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  5. 4 Pete

    Of, course, the “1 of 3” stays… on the cover.

    You do notice how stupid it is to type out “The New Time Log, 1 of 3” as a complete title of something, tho, don’t you?

    I hate it when we fight in public.

    “The New Time Log” …a fine title.

  6. 5 nick marino

    Pete, you’re making me cry again. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME?

  7. 6 nick marino

    Apparently the cover artist’s name is Will Ashcraft — Shawn mentioned him on his blog: http://workshopthirteen.blogspot.com/2011/01/time-log_13.html I dunno the guy, but I’m sure glad Shawn got the hookup for the cover!!!

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  9. 7 neal

    you know… ax cop would probably be pretty pissed about your ue of unicorns and unicorn horns. that’s sort of his thing.

  10. 8 nick marino

    great team spirit, Neal. you disappear for weeks and come back only to try and blow my spot. WELL IT WON’T WORK!

    BTW, there’s this celebrity director, kind of a virtuoso in his field, and i don’t think he’d be happy that you’re trying to squat on the first half of his last name. he told me he wants it back.

    MISSED YOU, Neal!!! so when do we podcast next?

  11. 9 Pete

    Who is Ax cop? Or is that how you pronounce “Ashkraft”?

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  13. 10 neal

    sorry sorry. australia is a serious trip. just got back from apollo bay. i am now super orca fat. i have to start working on my class project. oh, and im poor now, because stuff is so expensive in australia. more to come. later. another day perhaps. also, im like 8 hours off from you. which is perfect “bad time for podcasting” time, since im always busy in the morning and now, most afternoons. ugh. maybe once i get to sydney next week ill have some podcasting time – if i can find some wireless.

  14. 11 nick marino

    @Neal: Don’t you get charged per tweet in Australia?

    @Pete: What’s an ax?

  15. 12 Pete

    @Nick: Something that Neal wrote.

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