Sequential Underground #5 – Printed

Sequential Underground

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators gets papered.

PRINTING!!! Dan talks about going from office printers to Ka-Blam (and he likes them), Shawn used comiXpress for his 2010 books and liked them cause they take PDFs, Shawn talks about copying his own minicomics (via Kinkos, etc.), Nick started printing with zines in his high school years and then moved onto comics (guerrilla comics printing!), printing locally, going digital, and Nick explains his wholesale flash drive nightmare.

PLUS… new Blue Wraith strips! Shawn’s in the running for a Jim Mahfood comics contest and his Gello Apocalypse series is ending this week (unless he wins the contest, that is)! Nick just launched and the Super Haters are going daily!!! And Jackie Gleason.

NEXT: Websites, Monetization, and a guest appearance by Action Lab Entertainment!

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  1. 1 nick marino

    so for real… if anyone knows a good place to get low-capacity flash drives on the cheap, lemme know. it’s hard to find a direct retail outlet for them.

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