Time Log #15

The Time Log sent Shawn, Pete, and Nick back one week in time to stunning Scranton, Pennsylvania. Instead of risking another push of the button, the friends decide to enjoy their week in — ummm, er — paradise

Time Log #15

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I’ve never spent a week in Scranton… but I have spent a few hours there. And it was nothing like this comic strip. NOTHING.

I’ve also skied on Montage Mountain (which is in the Scranton region, though not right next to the city, thus making it slightly more tolerable).

And I’ve hit on ballerinas.

So let’s just say that I can really relate to this particular installment of Time Log. Pete, you’ve truly reached me.

3 Responses to “Time Log #15”

  1. 1 nick marino

    props to Shawn for busting out all the reference links i sent him for this strip! and extra props for making Pete all sleezy while he’s hitting on the ballerina.

  2. 2 kaylie

    i like how Shawn is lovingly cradling the anthracite!

  3. 3 nick marino

    agreed. i like her “I love anthracite!” smile.

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