Time Log #14

A push of the button and a quick jaunt in the Time Vortex have dumped Shawn, Pete, and Nick here, in scenic CENSORED [read the strip to find out where and when!]

Time Log #14

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Congratulations to Conrad Knapp — occasional AudioShocker contributor, my childhood best friend, and now an official imaginary Scrantonian!!!

In other news… PETE, PLS DON’T KILL ME!!! I changed a few tiny bits of this strip’s text to make everything fit!

And in other news… yeah, okay, I posted this one a little later than usual. BLAME IT ON PETE’S TEXT AND THE STUPID MILKSHAKE FACTORY THAT MADE ME SICK LAST NIGHT! Or just blame it on me.

6 Responses to “Time Log #14”

  1. 1 neallllll

    i prefer to blame everything on you nick, so much easier.

    i think you should do a variant with dwight schrute or michael scott popping into the last panel and saying something about beets or dunder mifflin or a that’s what she said joke. gota nbc-meta and all.

  2. 2 ross

    i like the girl’s boobs in silhouette.

  3. 3 conrad


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  5. 4 nick marino

    @Neal: not a bad idea. but but Scranton is mostly funny to me because 1) it sucks and 2) Kingpin. The Office sorta makes Scranton less funny to me, not more. so maybe a variant with Big Ern’ McCracken…

    @Ross: yeah, they’re like 50s cone boobs. very pointy.

    @Conrad: thx!!!

  6. 5 pete


  7. 6 nick marino

    c’mon, even after the McCracken pic??? seems like you should let me live for that.

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