Sequential Underground #1 – What The @#$% Is It?

Sequential Underground

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators is born.

A new bi-weekly podcast with local Pittsburgh underground comics creators talking about their ongoing and upcoming projects, that’s what!!!

Shawn Atkins, Dan Greenwald, and Nick Marino share: Shawn’s got tons of projects. Nick’s got CLiNT magazine submissions. Dan’s got Blue Wraith and a digital art dilemma. Plus, the Digital Webbing creator community.

Then it’s a 24 Hour Comics Day recap! Dan announces Space Base 01, Shawn recounts working in his loose style,and Nick recounts his painful digital process.

NEXT: PIX and pen names!!!

5 Responses to “Sequential Underground #1 – What The @#$% Is It?”

  1. 1 Link

    – Forums are awesome and a great way to network and partake in awesome discussions! Err… pay no mind to my 10000+ post count on TheGameHeroes Forum. ^_^;;

    – As an avid reader of stuff, I’d say as long as the style is a gradual “evolution” it works out really well. I’ve been a long time reader of Penny Arcade, and while it’s basically just a funny comic on the Internet, Gabe’s art style has evolved over the many years, but it all felt kind of seamless, but if I look back today at their original stuff it blows my mind how different it looked. With that being said, as long as you gradually build into your new style over the course of a handful of comics, people probably won’t be as up in arms over it, ‘nor would it hurt your work.

    – Cool! I like how you went the construction paper route that Duke mentioned on CBP. 24 Hour Comic Day does seem scary to sort of “stop in and BS” because you want to hang out and BS with everyone but you guys need to be serious business at some point if you want to meet your goals.

    – Link

  2. 2 nick marino


    i love forums. i also hates forums because sometime i feel like i’m stuck in quicksand and every time i hit reply i’m sinking deeper into my endless addiction to being snarky. but maybe that’s cause i was hanging out on Newsarama…

    interesting point about the gradual change thing. i mean, there’s always going to be an artistic evolution of the artist — i can’t think of one that stays the same, really. but i think your [Link’s] viewpoint sort of validates the concerns Dan has, which is that a stylistic change might mean alienation of fans or a even just a jarring switch. he can’t really evolve from the style he’s using now to the one he wants to use — not because they don’t display growth, but because that’s like evolving a dolphin into a human. the art techniques are apples to oranges.

    next year, i’m gonna do something totally different for 24 hour comics day. digital full color!?! WTF was i thinking???

  3. 3 Link

    Forums are pretty terrible in a lot of ways, but it’s also a good way to have fun and meet new people and have interesting debates/discussions, y’know, like a forum. I probably wouldn’t post as much as I do if I actually had work to do at my job, but considering I’m there for 8 hours a day to do 2 hours of work… yeah, gotta fill in the extra time somehow.

    Also, some forums can be horrible places, especially if they’re huge epic things, I would definitely feel the quicksand/drowning stuff a lot more and I usually do when forums feel like they’re going at the speed of Twitter.

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  5. 4 Scott Austin

    Yeah, forums are a love/hate kind of thing. That’s why I like DigitalWebbing, because (for the most part) they don’t get infested with trolls.

    But unfortunately when you get some interesting conversation/debate going it CAN take up some of the time you should be drawing. :-D

    On changing style, I recently changed style on one of my webcomics, Humans and Other Myths( ) I went from waterpaints to cell-shading. So far there hasn’t been too much noise.

    The reason for doing it is that I do SO much in waterpaints that I needed a change PLUS it’s a bit faster.

  6. 5 nick marino

    @Scott: i was paging through your comic a couple weeks ago after i saw you link to it from the DW forums! i really dig the old waterpaint look, but i’m also really enjoying the recent pinup and Chapter III title page — the digital colors look really good, especially with your illustration style.

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