Time Log #9

High as hell and a huge Monkees fan, PastPete (who’s narrating this flashback in the present as FuturePete) made the mistake of belting out a rousing rendition of “I’m a Believer” in Neil Diamond’s music studio in 1966…

Time Log #9

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DUN DUN DUN! Happy now, Ross? The “private eye and spider-person silhouettes” from #8 are none other than Richard Nixon AND the FutureNazis!!! DUN DUN DUN!

You’ve got one more week to enter the contest we announced in the post for #7… so tell us who you want to punch in the face from any point in time, and YOUR NAME could be in Time Log!

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  1. 1 ross


  2. 2 nick marino

    i know, right? you can barely contain your excitement. i can sense it.

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