A Podcast with Ross and Justique #65 – Then She Found Mecast

Talking about the potential Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lineup. Maybe they should make Image vs. Capcom instead! Then it’s time for Then She Found Me, Helen Hunt’s directorial debut. Afterwards, Ross discusses his impending adoption plans. Machete rules. The Last Airbender sucks. AND… the award-winning Rambo 3.5 (read it for free) by Jim Rugg gets discussed. Next: Police Academycast

11 Responses to “A Podcast with Ross and Justique #65 – Then She Found Mecast”

  1. 1 ross

    i was kind of a dipshit in this episode.

  2. 2 nick marino

    how so?

  3. 3 kaylie

    wait, how did i get mixed up in the attractive 16-year-old girl adoption scheme? XD although it does sound like a pretty good idea for a horrible comedy, or a sitcom.

    i like all these bad movie casts, even though i’ve never seen them or really care to, heheh. ooh! i have Fear from Netflix right now; we should all watch it and do a Fearcast sometime!

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  5. 4 ross

    Nick: you’ll never know, bwahaha.


  6. 5 Francisco

    Ross is right about boring-bad movies. I used to drink a bunch of coffee before movies I thought might be boring. Most Italian Horror movies bore me at some point but there are always a few scenes worth the pain of sitting through the rest.

    Here’s a boring movie that confused me enough to fascinate me. Daft Punk’s Electroma. It should be boring-bad. It was booed at one of the theaters I saw it at and my wife hated it. Hated it! (Still she bought it for me as a gift.)

    This “The Room” is playing at a midnight showing in Minneapolis.

    “Writer/Director/Star Tommy Wiseau will appear In Person at the Friday November 19 midnight screening and Saturday, November 20 midnight screening of The Room! (Tickets are $15 for this very special event.)”

    Worth it?

  7. 6 ross

    Francisco: yeah, Italian horror is chock full of boring-bad, but boy those extreme gore moments sure make it worth it! XD

    i’d say yes the Room showing is worth it, but at the same time i don’t think i’d go, personally, because i don’t know what the Room fans are like and i can imagine they’d be pretty annoying (as are fanbases for most cult movies, sitting through a screening of the movie with them would be a chore) and i think i’d be really embarrassed for Tommy Wiseau if he’s there in person.

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  9. 7 nick marino

    @Francisco: YES! seeing Tommy in person would be great. i think at this point he has to be in on the joke if he wants to make money off of this, so he probably could care less if they’re laughing with him or at him. it’s kinda like Jackass but for filmmakers instead of extreme sports enthusiasts, right? anyway, yeah, i’d go to that.

    i saw Electroma too. it was awful. in fact, i saw it by buying from iTunes. first time i ever bought a movie from there. last time i ever bought a movie from there. not only was the movie stupid, but it was nonsensical and dull. on the other hand, i think Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 is really good.

  10. 8 Francisco

    @Nick: I will consider it. If anything, it’s always interesting to see my wife’s reactions to some of the shit I subject her to.

    I really liked the production quality of Electroma. That may be why I enjoyed it the three times I saw it. The nonsensical and dullness of it seemed to leave me with plenty of time to just watch the images.

    @Ross: The midnight crowd at this theater is hard to stereotype. I saw Grindhouse there and the crowd seemed totally normal. Like they were all just there to watch the movie. I did only show up for Deathproof so it’s possible that half the original crowd left after Planet Terror, or were just sleeping.

    The crowd at Christmas on Mars was pretty good. Everyone just enjoying themselves enjoying a weird movie.

    Seeing Thrashin’ there was, unexpectedly, really fuckin’ fun. Some high school death metal band from the suburbs played in the theater before the movie so, I think everyone attending besides my wife and me were their friends and they were going nuts! During the parking ramp skateboard chase scene five kids jumped on stage with their skateboards going from one end to the other and jumping off and shit. Soon as the scene ends and the music stops everyone’s seated again giggling with one person, sitting in the back, getting pissed off yelling’ “Shut UP!”

    Then another crowd, expecting a dance party, booed and talked shit about Electroma for half an hour before a group of like twenty of them left.

    It’ll be a crap shoot.

  11. 9 justique

    I think Tommy is totally worth the weird The Room fans. He’s a hottie…bwah-hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

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  13. 10 ross

    Justique’s secret crush!

    Francisco: i don’t mean i’m trying to stereotype the theater-goers, but in my experience when i go to see a “cult” kind of movie and the theater is full of fans of the movie or people who have seen the movie before and they cheer at certain scenes or when characters show up or loudly quote dialogue at the screen, i can’t handle that stuff, heh. i imagine the Room fans are similar, they’ve seen the movie a few times and they have to let everyone else in the audience know it. i’m just getting old, i guess. dang whippersnappers!

  14. 11 Francisco

    Yeah you’re right. $15 a person AND we have to try to stay up ’till midnight. All for, what could be, a really shitty couple of hours. I’ll wait until that day to decide.

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