AudioShocker Podcast #144 – Untamed Hipsters

Neal thinks Magic: The Gathering is having a resurgence, Cosmo says untamed va-jay-jays are in, a watch-along of Dennis Edwards’ Don’t Look Any Further music video (that means click this link and let it load!), Nick saw The Slammin’ Salmon, Neal saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, self-awareness, and the neverending history of hipsterism.

8 Responses to “AudioShocker Podcast #144 – Untamed Hipsters”

  1. 1 kaylie

    oh boys, you need to learn your vajayjay history. XD “vajayjay” was first said by a character in Grey’s Anatomy because a writer had to think up another way to say “vagina” because standards and practices thought the show said it too much. then Oprah said it a few times on her show, and the rest is history. here is an interesting article i found examining the origin and societal and sociological impact of “vajayjay.”

    Neal, i totally understand where you’re coming from on Scott Pilgrim; that was my initial reaction to the comics. after reading volume 1, i HATED the character of Scott, and was actually livid that a comic about a jobless, mooching, unambitious, womanizing loser was so popular. it took me a long time, but at the urging of friends, i gave the series another shot and found that i did start to like it, at first despite Scott, and later on i eventually came to like his character. he’s way more fleshed out in the comics, you get to see a lot of his history and kind of why he is the way he is, and he also gets a job and tries (half-heartedly, mostly) to better his situation. you’re right in it being about a guy that creates his own problems which is pretty shitty, but i kind of think there needs to be stories like this, and a lot of people, me included, relate to it on some level. i still am not a fan of Scott’s overall character, but i think it’s nice that there is a story about overcoming immaturity in such a realistic way. in a way, all the comic book/video game cliches are all symbolic of Scott’s immaturity and inability to “get a life.” i can understand how it’s not for everyone…hell, i’m not sure it’s even really for me, as i’m in a weird position as someone that really likes a series of comics and the movie based on it, but still kinda hates the main character. ;)

  2. 2 nick marino

    @Kaylie: consider me schooled on “vajayjay”

    @Dennis Edwards: pretty funny greenscreen parody of the “Don’t Look Any Further” video (makes me wanna do some of my own greenscreening):

    and here’s another song by Dennis Edwards, probably my favorite by him (it’s hilarious, IMO):

  3. 3 neal

    @kaylie – wait, scott overcomes his immaturity in a realistic way? did you really just say that? telling two girls that you cheated on them and then saying “so we’re cool, right?” is not realistic.

    but i do agree that the loser comedy has its place and the ‘petulant child comedy’ is a rather odd subgenre (i’m looking at you, napoleon dynamite and other sulking manboys).

    we all want to feel as though our self-manufactured problems are real. in fact we desperately want them to so be real that others buy into our bullshit.

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    VACANT webcomics

  5. 4 kaylie

    true, but…aren’t self-made problems still problems? isn’t part of maturing being able to look outside yourself, and realizing that all the problems you thought you had no control over are really your own fault? not saying that it’s as noble or riveting a story as a hero overcoming some epic external obstacles, but the part that i’m referring to as realistic is that at some point, almost everyone is a “victim” of their own bullshit drama that they created and therefore are at the center of, and hopefully with the onset of maturity and open-mindedness, they are able to rise above being their own worst enemy. i think that’s the main message of Scott Pilgrim. he’s consumed by being with Ramona and fighting the evil exes, but ultimately he can only find internal peace by fighting himself. yay, obvious.

    but yeah, any realism ends there. if the plot had played out realistically, it would have been something like Scott never confronting/telling Knives or Ramona about each other or admitting any wrong-doing, him continually obsessing over Ramona who moved on from him because he was a douche, and Scott angrily brushing off Knives until it became apparent Ramona was never going to come back. Then he’d call up Knives for booty calls but that’s all, saying they can still be “friends with benefits,” further confusing Knives and making her even crazier and stalkery, while Scott continues to obsess over Ramona and endlessly compare every girl he tries to date to her, until he eventually knocks up a girl that looks the most like Ramona he could find, later to realize he secretly hates her and becomes emotionally abusive to drive her away, or until Knives’ frustrated passion finally culminates in Scott’s murder.

    *cough* not like i’ve seen this kinda thing happen before or anything….

  6. 5 Molly

    Molly likey drama.

  7. 6 ross

    i had my own Magic renaissance last year!

    what is this mass “seeg” mispronunciation of segue?!

    Kaylie: i like your Gritty Scott Pilgrim. i’d buy that.

  8. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Gello Apocalypse webcomics

  9. 7 neal

    ross, it’s an old joke. it probably started during one of the first 10 or so podcasts (the 2 hour marathon ones)

  10. 8 nick marino

    the only “s-egg-whey” i acknowledge is the segway.

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