Time Log #0

Time Log #0

None! Time Log #0
Time Log #1
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9 Responses to “Time Log #0”

  1. 1 neallllllll

    such a tease, give us issue 1 already nick!

  2. 2 nick marino


  3. 3 neal

    COME ON!

    Don’t make me do it Nick. Don’t make me…..invoke the t-shirt!

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  5. 4 kaylie

    does Pittsburgh really have a Stephen Foster monument?

  6. 5 neallllll

    yup. it’s essentially a performing arts building, but yeah.

  7. 6 nick marino

    @Kaylie: specifically, Time Log involves the Stephen Foster statue, which is prominently placed on a popular road AND right in front of the city’s largest public library (right across the street from the Memorial building Neal posted about).

    for more, check out this opinion piece by Tony Norman, who’s a huge comic book fan (and Wednesday comic shop regular at my local shop, Phantom). oddly enough, he put out his opinion column about the Foster statue the same week that the Time Log one-shot was released.

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  9. 7 Pete

    And, for the record, I’ve been ranting about that statue since no later than 1999, though I’m sure many people come upon it and similarly can’t believe that it exists in such a prominent spot (it used to be tucked away in a graveyard somewhere, I think, in Homestead). Hopefully Time Log give proper outlet to all those folks like me that have shaken their fists in fury at it.

  10. 8 kaylie

    i was totally unaware of the statue or its problematic implications. very informative. thanks, guys! now i will be fully prepared to read Time Log. ;)

  11. 9 nick marino

    thx for asking. because of your question, i wrote a post scheduled to go up on Wednesday evening about the Foster statue and its historical context in relation to Time Log.

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