AudioShocker Podcast #139 – Embossed and Foil-Stamped

Become the AudioShocker mayor on Foursquare and get a shout out, Scratch9 #1 review (new awesome comic by Rob Worley and Jason Kruse), Wonder Woman’s new duds, Kyle Baker on Deadpool MAX (and the Break the Chain music video), Matt Groening is hard to get a hold of, Prince is over, Justique reads romance novels but not urban fiction, and Neal’s future career.

5 Responses to “AudioShocker Podcast #139 – Embossed and Foil-Stamped”

  1. 1 ross

    i still haven’t figured out what Foursquare is besides that game where you bounce the ball into other players’ squares or something…?

    Scratch9 sounds pretty sweet, such an awesome concept.

    yeah, the “y” in Kyle Baker’s signature looks the same as the Disney one… i also think Will Eisner’s signature looks a lot like the Disney signature, too.

    i am sweating bullets about the Splicecast, i just KNOW you guys hated the movie, i can feel it in my heart. T_T

    jesus. my “YES” was out in full force this time. Nick, do you edit that in after the fact or are you playing it as you guys talk, because nobody seems to react to it…

  2. 2 Rob Worley

    Hey Shockers! Thanks for the good words about Scratch9!

    The book comes out in August (although we’ll have copies at Comic-Con next week as well).

    Jason’s name is pronounced JAY-SUN.

  3. 3 neallllllll

    staying culturally relavent, “i really love it when a podcast comes together.”

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    The Illiterate Badger webcomics

  5. 4 nick marino

    @Rob: ohhhhh JAY-SUN! yeah, i was having a tough time with that one.

    @Ross: you’ll just have to wait and find out tonight about Splice!!! I’M NOT TELLING!!! and the YES was definitely added in post.

    @Neal: ???

  6. 5 neal

    the A-team!!!!!

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