The AudioShocker Store Means Business

Perhaps we haven’t mentioned it before (actually, we totally did), but the AudioShocker Store is the perfect place for new summer gear. We have t-shirts for all dudes and ladies – and 4 original comics by Nick, Pete, and Shawn. And as you can see below, our wares are rather fetching.

A-Dub: Sporting my AudioShocker t-shirt halfway across the US to St. Louis.

Neal: Pics or it didn’t happen!

A-Dub: Ugh, FINE:

Adub rocks a ladies classic audioshocker logo T

Adub rocks a ladies classic AudioShocker logo T

2 Responses to “The AudioShocker Store Means Business”

  1. 1 neal

    A-Dub pulled off the highway, threw up shockers, and found someone to snap a picture. That, my fellow shockers, is dedication to the cause! Send us your own AS tshirt shots and maybe we (Nick) will send you back something special.

  2. 2 nick marino

    that is some serious dedication! I’m very impressed.

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