A Podcast with Ross and Nick #47 – Get Real

Ross hates fun, Nick hates Rambo: First Blood, Johanna Draper Carlson wants real superheroics, Ross proposes metaphors instead, Nick is wary of the notion of “real” villains, Peter Parker needs renter’s insurance, and are Ross and Nick hypocritical for liking real street level vigilante justice in superhero comics? Does it all come down to reading the story as a victim? After the end theme, Nick pitches Ross his new thrilling story… -1 A.D.!!!

12 Responses to “A Podcast with Ross and Nick #47 – Get Real”

  1. 1 ross


  2. 2 nick marino

    i think so.

  3. 3 mark

    I don’t know much about american comics, but I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention spawn as I thought he was sort of the prototypical “street level” vigilante.

    Anyway (again apologizing for my limited comics knowledge) I think trying to have superheros deal explicitly with real world problems is a pretty bad idea, unless it’s like superman fighting “Lex Luthor Oil” or something like that. It seems to me that the whole point is that the villains are supposed to embody anti-social qualities.

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  5. 4 ross

    mark: even though he lived on the streets, Spawn wasn’t really “street level,” he was a zombie who had godlike magic powers and usually fought angels and demons and giant cyborg gorillas and stuff, and he wasn’t really a crimefighter.

    i don’t know who the prototypical street level vigilante is, i don’t know if i’m familiar enough. in a recent interview i said Casey Jones from Ninja Turtles was the original regular dude vigilante, but thinking about it now i’m not sure if that’s true. maybe the Green Hornet? nick, any suggestions?

  6. 5 ross

    actually maybe Luke Cage, just remembered him. i’m not familiar with him much, but i think even though he had superpowers all his exploits were pretty street level, right?

  7. 6 neal

    oh great ross – way to bring up luke cage. now we’ll get some longwinded comment from nick about how awesome cage is. nick rides his nuts pretty hard as it is.

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  9. 7 nick marino

    Cage is a weird bird when it comes to this stuff… he’s definitely a street-level superhero in the sense that he’s very much a hero for the people and not all lofty and such, and he lives in Times Square when it was all porn theaters and he struggles to pay the rent on his office that he lives out of. but most of his original conflicts are with street-level supervillains (really weird ones, at that) and not really common thugs or criminals. i think Casey actually is much more of a true vigilante than Cage.

    Daredevil fighting organized crime is even more of a vigilante, but then it’s the Kingpin a lot of the times and not a regular mob boss or anything. i think that pulp heroes are far more vigilante than most superheroes. even Batman was fighting supervillains from the start. Cage was more similar to him than he was to The Shadow, let’s say.

  10. 8 zach

    have to agree with ross’s definition of fun, i think. i went to a wedding party today with a bunch of people, lots of food, music, good times, etc., and basically had the least fun i’ve had in months despite everyone around me inexplicably having a good time. i also have to say that rambo: first blood definitely qualifies as “fun.”

    -1 BC is such an interesting concept, though. like since BC counts down from the beginning of time to the birth of Jesus, -1 BC would seem to me to imply a world where Jesus was never born, so there could be no 1 AD, just continuing counting down from 1 BC to -1 BC. Gotta be a story in there somewhere.

  11. 9 nick marino

    hmmm good point. zach, we’ll have to bring you onto this project as a logic consultant. maybe if you could do some research into how fetuses could be incinerated by laser eyes, that would be great. have it on my desk by wednesday morning. thaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

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  13. 10 zach

    the laser ablation of tissues is easy to do, especially if superman was wearing glasses to focus the lasers onto the fetus. no problem.

  14. 11 nick marino

    excellent and ahead of schedule. your check is in the mail.

  15. 12 kaylie

    i want -1 AD to happen. can’t think of a better fit for Superman.

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