AudioShocker Podcast #123 – Going Blue

Our favorite Al Roker memories,, Inkscape, ShamWow Vince and his hooker fight entertains Walmart customers, Monsters vs. Aliens, the dubbed version of Ponyo, Showdown in Little Toyko, Bruno, Ichi the Killer was ripped off by The Dark Knight, Aleon Craft, and Neal goes blue.

4 Responses to “AudioShocker Podcast #123 – Going Blue”

  1. 1 neal

    poor poor vince.

  2. 2 ross

    ahahaha Neal’s Nick voice.

  3. 3 ross

    Showdown in Little Tokyo IS SO GOOD. i love Dolph’s stupid outfit at the end. i kept wishing Dolph and Brandon would make out, though. definitely obnoxious about the various asian ethnicities as Japanese people, movies do that all the time, wasn’t i complaining about that with Bloodsport, too?

    wait, so… what was the connection between the Ponyo dub and Nicolas Cage? i think i missed it.

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  5. 4 nick marino

    i missed that too. Justique explained it but i forgot… i THINK maybe she was talking about his casting in the Astro Boy movie and how he sounded really out of place in it.

    Little Toyko is great because it’s both the parody and the parodied, all in the same package. few movies can pull that off as smoothly.

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