The Top 9 Celebrity Deaths of the Past Couple Months

9. Dom DeLuise. R.I.P. Pizza the Hutt.

8. Bob Bogle. I’m sure most of you aren’t familiar with him, but Bob Bogle has been one of my guitar heroes for as long as I can remember. He was a founder of The Ventures, the world’s greatest instrumental rock band.

7. Natasha Richardson. Speaking of not being familiar, I don’t think I’ve seen any of Natasha’s films. Unfortunately, thanks to the way news media works in this country, I’m very familiar with her death.

6. Mike Tyson’s daughter. Exodus Tyson was strangled by a loose cord hanging down from a treadmill. Very sad.

5. Autotune. Killed by Jay-Z. Autotune’s death has been hitting the pop music world pretty hard, especially T-Pain.

4. Ed McMahon. Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show sideman. Star Search host. Publishers Clearing House home sabotage ringleader and over-sized check presenter. Damn, Ed did a lot of stuff.

3. Farah Fawcett. Charlie’s most famous Angel died after a very public fight with cancer.

2. David Carradine. Kill Bill died an awful, kinky death. It’s true that Carradine was into some weird shit, but it looks like he was able to keep most of it under the radar until his untimely passing in a Bangkok hotel room. At first it looked like suicide and/or solo sex play gone wrong, but now it seems like foul play.

1. Michael Jackson. Mikey was the man. A weird man, yes… but THE MAN nonetheless. It’ll be interesting to see what the public deems his legacy to be over the course of the next couple decades.

[Thanks to Neal for inspiring this week’s theme and helping put together the list.]

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Why the Top 9? Because 10 is too many and 9 is better. 3 X 3 = Awesome. Now that’s what I call math.

9 Responses to “The Top 9 Celebrity Deaths of the Past Couple Months”

  1. 1 neal

    Ugh, Autotune. Perhaps Cher and T-Pain will hold a candlelight vigil or pour or out a 40, but that is one thing I am not going to miss.

  2. 2 Clarence

    Neal, you would leave out the great Billy Mays. You’ve always been a hater

  3. 3 neal

    Clarence, what? We didn’t intentionally leave Mr. Mays out, he died 2 days after we made this list!

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  5. 4 Clarence

    I’m sorry he didn’t die soon enough to make you list, he still deserves a shout out Neal. Let’s not keep making excuses for your performance.

  6. 5 neal

    oh clarence, you so crazy! but if it makes your pants fit better, then OK: RIP Billy Mays! You were a king among pitchmen. I bet even Ron Popeil is pouring out a can of GLH-9 in your name.

  7. 6 nick marino

    haha Clarence totally wanted us to prematurely announce the death of Billy Mays. so evil.

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  9. 7 el samayo grande

    Fuck Billy Mays and fuck everything to do with his annoying obnoxious ass.

    The real celebrity you missed was Bea Arthur. More influential and ground-breaking than she gets credit for, and way dirtier than anyone realized.

  10. 8 neal Samay. I think I first became aware of Bea Arthur thanks to Airheads.

  11. 9 Foys

    omg this list is messed up farrah fawcett should not be on the list she wasnt that important with anyone in my geneeration or in any of them ten before mine

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