Juggernaut, Blackheart, and Shuma-Gorath Hyper Combo Wallpaper!

My obsession with Marvel vs. Capcom led me to make my latest series of desktop wallpapers. The first one I’m sharing with you features the unstoppable Juggernaut, the demonic Blackheart, and the mysterious Shuma-Gorath – three of my favorite baddies from Marvel Super Heroes, the second Marvel Comics fighting game collaboration with Capcom.

Thanks to The Fighter’s Generation for the Capcom drawings, and check back next Monday for another Hyper Combo Wallpaper!!! (Make sure you say it in the “Hyper Combo Finish!” voice in your head while you read it.)

Juggernaut, Blackheart, and Shuma-Gorath

Marvel Super Heroes Wallpaper - Download Full-Size 1440 x 900

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