T-Pain Wants You To Freeze (on the dance floor)

New year, new music videos. That’s what I say. Well, maybe not – but in this case it’s true. T-Pain just dropped his new video for Freeze featuring Chris Brown on MTV2, and I’ve already run it through my mindgrapes just for you. As a refresher, we will examine both the track and the video.

The Track: Remember Mario’s Just A Friend from 2002? Yeah, well Freeze sounds a lot like it. I mean a lot. The vocoder is always unwelcome, but I’m starting to accept that it is not going away anytime soon. And, all gratuitous pop, lock, and droppin aside, the song isn’t terrible. There aren’t any good punchlines or anything, so I doubt this will be popular with any real heads out there, but perhaps the b-boys will like it. I mean, it is hard to criticize someone for telling you to get your ass on the floor and move it. Also, this is one of very few T-Pain joints not about strippers/strip clubs. I see that as an improvement.

The Video: This half animation / rotoscoping, half live action technicolor thing has me making comparisons to T-Pain’s other recent videos Can’t Believe It and Good Life. Personally, I’d like to see a little more originality and a little less of this three ring circus/top hat crap. The video is all dancers on glass floors, pastel silhouettes, quick cuts, and that weird 60’s multiplier video effect. Of course, Chris Brown’s major appeal lies in his dancing skills, so his presence on this record is pretty understandable. Overall though, I am unimpressed.

The Bottomline: A weak beginning to the 2009 Music Video season.

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  1. 1 neal

    also, it is worth noting that the second principal girl (for the Chris Brown verse) can’t / doesn’t dance. That whole bit is about Chris Breezy – he’ll dance that whole club by himself, girls or no. A little conceited, right?

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