AudioShocker Podcast #46 – Chris Giarrusso Interview

An interview with cartoonist Chris Giarrusso, the creator behind Mini Marvels a.k.a. Bullpen Bits a.k.a. those awesome comic strips in the back of Marvel Adventures comic books. Chris talks about his new Mini Marvels: Rock, Paper, Scissors digest, his creative process, and his history with Marvel Comics.

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  1. 1 nick marino

    okay i just found out something kind of funny…

    in this podcast, Chris and i joke about giving Mini Marvels an “Earth” in Marvel continuity (for example, the main Marvel Universe is Earth-616). well, apparently, someone was thinking about this too because Mini Marvels DO have their own Earth… Earth-99062!!! scroll way down on this page to find it

    BUT what’s really weird is that Chris and I talked about this a few days before this podcast was posted on Sept 9th 2008… and the issue that gave Mini Marvels their own Earth came out on Sept 10th 2008!!!

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