Bow Wow – Marco Polo Is Not Peekaboo

In Sunday’s FNMTV post I promised a full length review of Bow Wow’s new video Marco Polo ft. Soulja Boy and I aim to please. My only regret is that I can not write a positive review. Unlike Bow Wow’s last collaboration, Girlfriend, Marco Polo just plain sucks.

The Track: Ok. Marco Polo, is that supposed to be slang? I don’t get it. The beat is ridiculous and is basically a ripoff of Jibbs’ Chain Hang Low. The speed up/slow down chorus isn’t helping either. You might be tempted to call it ‘call and response,’ but I’d like to propose something different: retarded.

Bow Wow’s last few singles have made it clear that he can’t carry a song by himself. What’s worse is that the current hiphop climate enables and encourages this. To his credit, Bow Wow does put up two verses to Soulja Boy’s one. Soulja Boy’s delivery is weak and borders on monotone at times. How this kid got a deal is beyond me. He seems content to just shit all over the track and call it a wrap.

Marco Polo is a cut and dry brag track, but it does have a couple comical lines.

Went to the mall and I blacked out / Now my closet full of J’z like a crackhouse.

This is not the matrix, but I am the Oracle. Do you want to get me with me? The question is rhetorical.

Of course there are plenty of poorly conceived lines too. ‘First one to put ice in a G Shock‘ So you put diamonds in a cheap plastic watch. How does this make you a baller? S.O.B. cause girls love the initials. last time I checked, being an SOB wasn’t sweet at all.

There is way too much name/brand dropping on this cut. I think rappers need to cut back, or at least stop promoting the same gaudy shit. Louis Vuitton peaked in the 60s. Oh, and ‘the next Will Smith’? Sure. Whatever you say.

The Video: Basically, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are doing community service cleaning up a beach/pool. They get bored and decide to have a ‘tween beach/pool party. Marco Polo is a pool game so, that’s how they tie it back to the track.

The connection is tenuous at best, and it certainly doesn’t help that no one is actually playing Marco Polo. More importantly – when did Marco Polo become Peekaboo? And the subtitles. I think this video was made for illiterate, man-babies who need something to watch while Blue’s Clues is on hiatus. The video girls are cute and all – but I can tell that this video is definitely for the teenage set. The whole thing reminds me of a 15 year old’s MySpace inspired fantasy.

I’ve said it before, but Bow Wow really really really wishes he was T.I. He is jocking his style way too hard. He’s even trying to copy homeboy’s body language. Honestly, If I were T.I. (or T.I.P.) I would have to sue. Soulja Boy on the other hand is just the newest member of the ‘how stupid can I look on camera club’. The sunglasses, the backpack, the board ‘shorts’. If you ever want to be taken seriously – wear clothes that fit. I can no longer tolerate dress sized white T’s, beaters, long shorts, and other ridiculous fashion choices. I know Bow Wow can dress better – he used to hang out with Omarion for chrissakes!

Oh, and speaking of jocking styles, when did Bow Wow start thinking he was Mike Jones? The phone number at the end was genius self promotion – but how could you rip that off 3 years after the fact?

The Bottom Line: Soulja Boy sucks. Bow Wow can’t do a solo track. This video is an embarassment to hiphop.

9 Responses to “Bow Wow – Marco Polo Is Not Peekaboo”

  1. 1 anon

    you know what i got a song for you to hear next HI HATER.seriously people need to stop hatin.I’m not sayin the song is hot, i’m sayin its ok.Its better than some songs out today maybe your just to stuck up and out of your time to notice anything.

  2. 2 neal

    oh snap. our first troll!

  3. 3 Half and Half of F.2.D

    Its S.O.D. not S.O.B he has a clique called S.O.D. money gang lol

    but i feel u, Marco polo got a hot beat but soulja boy lyricism was wakkkkk and bow wow needs help carrying a song lol that waz mad funny

    but its true !!!!!

    hit me up

  4. AudioShocker Shoutouts!

    Nik Furious instrumental music

  5. 4 neal

    Half and Half,
    Thanks for the note. S.O.D. it is! Then again, that’s really no better than SOB. I get that there are young and talented MCs and R&B artists out there, but I just don’t see it in these two.

    Bow Wow will always be a pint-sized novelty act to me – just like Kriss Kross.

  6. 5 Brittany

    i agree, hi hater. this is a hot song. and here’s a hint, the song talks about clothes, non stop. Bow Wow’s DC shirt, fresh pair of jeans, the air force ones mixed with the new J’s (Jordans). so marco polo is PROBABLY clothing. POLO as in shirt. polo’s are supposedly fresh and clean for men to wear. IM SO MARCO POLO=im so fresh. uh, duh. it doesnt take much to figure these things out.

  7. 6 Jdeezy

    tupac and big are spinning in their graves.

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  9. 7 DELLO

    I think people really need to stop hating on people thats doing better than they are. Yes you have a say so as a critic but if you had a achance to get a deal how ever you could doing what you love to do would you take it? fa sho you would! Ima hold bow down cuz he’s from my state PERIOD! OH TEN (OHIO) If you dont like the muzic just dont listen to it.Personally I think so Soulja Boy is alright I wont buy his album. But that dont mean ima talk bad about his muzic cuz im not a hatter. As far as BOW he’s alright as well. I do think he is better than Soulja Boy, and its not bcuz where he’s from. But at the same time I wont buy his album either. But 4 da haters most people wouldnt be successful if it wuznt 4yall. look at it dis way(IF YOU HAVE HATERS DONT WORRIE! IF YOU DONT HAVE THEM THATS WHEN YOU GOT SU10 2 WORRIE BOT! FEEL ME!!!)Let them do what they do cuz they gon do what they do regardless.

  10. 8 nick marino

    neal, dello does have a good point…

    but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy hating!!!

  11. 9 neal

    Jeez. you give people a little real talk and they act like you just murdered a baby!

    I can respect how much effort it takes to “make it” in the music industry. I know that people hustle and that doing shows can be physically taxing. Being passionate about your art is totally awesome.But, BUT, BUTTTT – that does not excuse substandard rhymes, beats, and videos.

    If you put out a piece of trash, I’m going to call you on it. If you jock someone’s style, I’m going to point it out. If you waste a million dollars making a shitty video, I’m going to write about it.

    But no one wants to hear that. Fragile egos and glass jaws begat “stop hatin” the same way that general disregard and dissatisfaction for the po precipitated the “stop snitching” movement.

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